Slimming Bra Shapes Your Midlife Figure

Spring is on its way, which means it’s time to pull out the cute sundresses and light, airy tops. There is no need to worry about gaping buttons, underarm skin bulges, or middle-aged back fat showing through because of a fabulous new bra that takes care of all that.

The Playtex Secrets® Undercover Slimming Bra has been specially designed to make you look and feel slimmer.

playtex undercover bra pink

How does it work? I partnered with Playtex to test out one of these bras, and here’s what I learned. The Playtex Secrets® Undercover Slimming Bra:

  • Smooths your sides with SlenderU™ panels giving you a slimmer-looking silhouette.
  • It has a secret, hidden cushioned underwire that comfortably contours your curves.
  • Built-Up straps make it comfy and give you the support you need.

In a nutshell, the  SlenderU™ panels gently smooth your sides, visually slim your bust, and keep the hidden cushioned underwires from poking through.

platex undercover slimming bra

This bra seems to be what so many of us need at a time in our lives when we are all a little rounder and softer than we used to be. It gives great lift, shape, and support due to the unique Playtex® four-way TruSupport® design, making your bust look slim and perky instead of bulky and frumpy. When I tried this bra on, I noticed:

1. Higher sides – That’s what makes it so comfortable and keeps the side rolls from spilling over.

2. A rounder cup- This prevents breast spillage and gives you the proper hold for a very natural shape. Great since “the girls” are heading south.

3. Wide, comfy straps- They designed it this way to reduce bounce and prevent digging. ( Interesting – I had no idea wide straps reduced bounce)

4. A wide, smoother back- This is to banish back fat that most of us have over 40 even if we are on the slim side. It’s just loose skin that comes with age. The wide back also means no ride up, which can be really annoying. Playtex-Secret-Slimmers-Taupe

What  I especially liked about it was it felt very light. It’s not always easy to find a lightweight bra that gives you that much support and comfort.
The Playtex Secrets® Undercover Slimming Bra comes in 5 colors ( black, taupe, sandshell black, and white) and have a pretty matte/shine pattern with delicate neckline trim. Practical and Pretty!
*This is a Sponsored Post. I received product/compensation in exchange for the review. All opinions are mine.


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