5/21/22 Amazon Beauty Finds

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1. Restore signs of youth to your skin with this hydrating and plumping facial oil.

2. This roller is a non-invasive alternative to microneedling for smoother skin.

3. You’ll go to bed with dry skin and wake up with supple, hydrated skin with this overnight cream.

4. Fan favorite tinted sunscreen gives you color while protecting you from UV rays.

5. Wear shorts and sleeveless tops this summer with confidence when you use this crepe-correcting cream.

6. No time for a facial? These pads have 20% glycolic acid to resurface and exfoliate the skin.

7. Subtle shimmery highlighter delivers a touch of color in all the right places.

8. If you can never remember to put SPF on your lips, this sunscreen lipgloss is for you.

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One thought on “5/21/22 Amazon Beauty Finds

  1. I bought the EltaMD tinted sunscreen; it’s great. I would caution against the use of Gold Bond Crepe Corrector. My dermatologist instructed me not to use it created an uncomfortable rash. Healing took weeks. I’m using the remaining cream on my feet. It’s relatively inexpensive, but I’m not sure the ingredients are suitable for the more delicate skin of 50+ women.

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