3/5/22  Amazon Beauty Finds

3/5/22 Amazon Beauty Finds

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1. Self-care just got a whole lot easier with this 16-pack of sheet masks.

2. Add this sheet mask cover to your beauty routine prevent evaporation.

3. Foaming cleanser lifts impurities to leave skin clean and balanced.

4. Add tanning drops to serums and moisturizers for a sun-kissed glow.

5. Salon-quality hair mask repairs, restores, and strengthens weak hair.

6. Skin-firming cream improves the appearance of the neck’s firmness, texture and elasticity.

7. Styling brush is designed for teasing to create volume.

8. Fight the appearance of cellulite with this exfoliating mask.

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Texas Tease Teasing Brush
Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask
Instant Solutions Tanning Drops
Neck & Chest Firming Cream
Foaming Facial Cleanser
Deep Exfoliating Mitt Cloth
16 Combo Pack Full Face Facial Sheet Mask
Reusable Silicon Mask Cover
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2 thoughts on “3/5/22 Amazon Beauty Finds

  1. I tried the Gold Bond Neck and Chest. I bought 2 tubes and was interested to try this new product. It’s very strong, I used as directed and had a very irritated response. Red, bumpy, painful rash! I have never had such a strong response to a facial cream. My dermatologist saw the rash, still present after 10 days, recommended Cerave cream, and finally healed completely. I used the remaining Good Bond on my feet, tougher skin! Use with caution.

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