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Southwest Style – It’s More Than Turquoise

I had a fun conversation the other day with Jamie Lewinger, a 40+ blogger from New Mexico. Originally from Texas, Jamie has spent the last 15 years living halfway between Santa Fé and Albuquerque, where she writes the blog, More than Turquoise.



On the blog, you’ll find fashion lifestyle and taste of New Mexico, with a dash of Jamie’s wonderful sense of humor thrown in. Her style is bold, colorful and glamorous although Jamie likes to joke that she is a “fashion spaz” because, “I’m kind of all over the place with my style. I like it all.”

Deborah BolandHere’s a look a some of Jamie’s recent outfits and more about what makes her a Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer!

Deb: Jamie, So glad to have you meet my readers! How would you say living in New Mexico influenced the way you dress?

Jamie: Well, I’ve always been attracted to the Southwest influence.  I love cowboy boots, concho belts, Native American jewelry.  A Southwest look can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s been the trend lately.  Blanket coats have been especially popular this season, and I realized that I did, in fact, already own one.  It may not be the Burberry version that everyone is coveting, but I actually like mine better. Living in the Southwest, this look naturally becomes part of your wardrobe. And can we talk about the handbag???



Deb: Has the way you dressed changed at all now you are in your 40’s? Any things you stay away from and why? 

Jamie: I’m mindful of items that are too short, too tight or too plunging. I’m willing to invest in pieces that I should have for my lifetime. I purge my closet of items that I haven’t worn every six months or so. Got to keep it fresh!

About this faux fur vest-My girlfriends and I get together every holiday season for a holiday lunch. We all try to “out bling” or “out dress” each other. I won the contest with my bling and faux fur. They’ve only recently started talking to me again.



Deb: Big bold jewelry, gorgeous shoes and unusual accessories seem to be a big part of your style? Where do you find these things?

Jamie: I strongly believe in supporting local artisans —and we have amazing ones here in New Mexico.  My husband and I also do quite a bit of international travel so I try to pick up unusual items that wouldn’t be spotted on anyone here along the way. Turquoise is a favorite. It goes with everything.  I enjoy all shades of turquoise, and I love corals and pearls.


Deb: Any tips on wearing accessories?

Jamie: Frankly, I just like to wear accessories that are unique. I do throw a critical eye on my outfit before I leave my home…edit if I need to.



Deb: What’s the story behind this outfit?

Jamie: We had just returned from Paris (as my Mother lives in France), and I had consumed one too many macarons. My clothes were snug, and I referred to this condition as “macaron-top”. I loved these faux leather pants from Zara because I didn’t have to lay down on the bed and do deep knee bends to get them on ~ they had a full elastic waist. I’d wear these pants every day if I could.


Deb: I hear your newest obsession is hats?

Jamie: Yes, this was me on a Saturday night… surf the net, two glasses of wine purchase. When the hat arrived, I wasn’t liking the color. Once I realized that it was different and wasn’t going to be seen on everyone else… I loved it. Even named him “Little Rusty”.



Deb: It’s inspiring to see someone with such a clear sense of what looks good on them. What advice would you give to 40+ women who may be struggling to find their style?

Jamie: This is my advice to women of all ages:  Don’t be afraid to TRY something new.  Just try it. You might be surprised how many compliments you receive.

Thanks, Jamie!  Be sure to drop by Jamie’s blog More than Turquoise to say hi and see her latest looks.

Cheers! Deborah

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5 thoughts on “Southwest Style – It’s More Than Turquoise

  1. Can you tell me where I could buy this beautiful western blanket style long coat in the first picture.

    Thanks so much, Denise

  2. I’ve just clicked through to her website. Her style is stunning. In the above photos I love the colourful jackets and the fauxfur vest.

  3. Terrific interview. I really love Jamie’s style, especially the bold, stunning accessories. I will definitely follow her blog.

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