Can You Wear Bubblegum Pink this Spring?

A surprise color is trending this spring. Bubblegum Pink is giving midlife women something to chew on. Can a woman of any age wear this bold, girly pink, and if so, how?

Here’s how to style Bubblegum pink without feeling like a walking Dubble Bubble.

Bubble Gum Pink - Dress

1. Make Pink Sporty

Bubblegum pink is a fun, energetic color, so play up that casual sportiness. Instead of dressy high heels and a formal satchel, try some slip-on mesh sneakers and a woven crossbody messenger bag.

A touch of gold jewelry and some cool sunglasses keep the look mature and add a dash of chic to the go-vibe.


Bubble Gum Pink Pants

2. Wear Modern Shapes

If you already have something bubblegum pink hanging in the back of your closet, don’t automatically assume it will work this spring. You need to consider the silhouette. For a very trendy color to look on point, the clothing you are wearing should have a clean, modern shape.

For example, these cute Bubble Gum pink pants look Fabulous right now because the cropped length and waist tie are so “in.” Other pants from even a few years back can quickly look dated. What you wear with these bubblegum pants is key, too. This feminine chiffon blouse is also very on-trend and perfect to complement these pants with its high ruffled neckline.


bubblegum pink long sweater

3. Make it a Third Piece

A single pink bubblegum piece such as a cardigan, jacket, or coat, worn with 2 other neutral pieces, like pants and a top, gives your outfit a nice pop of color without being overwhelming.

bubblegum pink and white dress

4. Wear Bubblegum Pink as a Floral

Florals always look pretty in pink, and when you include bubblegum pink in that mix, the look can be very contemporary. Medium floral prints look more grown-up than small, and classic silhouettes help make bubblegum pink chic. This cute floral dress is for Petites.

bubblegum pink casual dress

5. Wear Soft Pink Fabrics

Soften the effect of bright bubblegum pink by wearing softer fabrics. Casual loungewear clothing like joggers, sweatshirts, and light, soft, stretchy dresses like this Tie Waist Midi help relax this shocking pink shade’s look and feel.

bubblegum pink print sleeveless top

6. Play up the Tropical Punch

Ever notice there’s a lot of bubblegum pink when you are in the tropics? Use that as inspiration to create a summery look with a real tropical punch.

This cute bubblegum pink scarf print top has an island vibe. Wear it with white jeans or shorts to look cool and refreshed.

bubblegum pink top with buttons

7. Go, More Raspberry,

Bubblegum pink isn’t the only hot pink shade trending. It spills over into Raspberry, and Fuschia too. If you find Bubblegum pink a little too “Barbie,” try moving in this color direction.

For example, this pretty Calvin Klein ruched top with the silver statement buttons is a slightly deeper and darker pink and maybe a better pink shade for you this spring.

What do you think of Bubblegum pink? Would you wear it at any age, and what ideas do you have for how to style it? If you have already bought something, send in a photo, and I will post it in my Private Facebook Style group. Have you joined?

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