Spring/Summer Fashion Colors of 2023

Say goodbye to dark, serious shades and hello to some of the brightest, most interesting and joyous colors we’ve seen in a long time. Spring’s new colors range from icy pastels to uplifting brights and are being combined in the most fearless ways!

After years of uncertainty, these new colors represent freedom and the desire to stand out.

The Pantone Institute is the world predictor of color. Here are the top stand-out shades as they see it for Spring/Summer 2023.

jacket | loafers | sweater | crossbody bag | crisscross top


1. Fiery Red

There’s no color more sensuous than red and this spring it is supercharged with an energetic intensity. I think this color would be beautiful as a dress or suit. Rather have a pop of it, try a handbag.

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dress | sandals | clutch | sweater | blazer

2. Beetroot Purple

Don’t let the name throw you off! This shade, in reality, is a bold fuchsia hue that I like to think of as an extra hot pink! I’ve already bought a spring coat in this color which looks fabulous paired with black and white.  I think it’s going to be one of the most popular colors because it is so pretty and happy. Wear it as a blouse with jeans, as a wedding guest dress. Beetroot purple even makes a great sandal color! It’s fun!

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trench coat | wedge sandals | swimsuit | bag | off the shoulder top

3. Tangelo

Tangy and tasty! This sharp orange is gorgeous for summer and great for vacation wear. Imagine this as a swimsuit or shorts, or punch up your basic spring trench coat with a shot of this vitamin-enriched orange.

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dress | slide sandals | Bermuda shorts | sweater | bag

4. Peach Pink

As you’ve seen, saturated colors like fuchsia and orange reign this spring, but if they’re just not for you then try a more nurturing shade. This peach-pink tone is soft and inviting but still juicy for summer.

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pants | blazer | biker shorts | sweater | heels

5. Empire Yellow

Talk about radiating joy! This luminescent yellow screams summer and admittedly can be overwhelming. While you may not want to wear it head-to-toe, it look fabulous as a jacket, top or even as an accessory like a shoe. Yellow pants are interesting too worn with a neutral white top. It’s fresh, modern looks very chic!

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jumpsuit | ballet flats | blazer | shoulder bag | tie-waist top

6. Crystal Rose

Here’s a gorgeous pink that is romantic in the most modern way. It’s not too heavy and dusty like the nostalgic rose color we often think of, but it’s not saturated and bright like the newest bold pinks. Like its name, Crystal Rose, it has clarity and light that shines through. Everyone seems to love this feminine shade and it is everywhere.

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dress | low heels | blazer | top | bag

7. Classic Green

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day comes this nourishing, healthy green. I adore classic green and so do my readers. It’s always the first color to sell. Green is grounding, warm, and fresh – just what you want as you transition into warmer weather. I love a great green dress, top, and the idea of a gorgeous green bag is exciting too!

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8. Love Bird

Do you like exotic colors? If so, This alternate green is for you. Love Bird with its lemony yellow undertones has tropical vibes but feels very unique. Let’s just say heads will turn in this stunning shade! Go for the bold in head-to-toe or add a dash here or there. Not sure this warm shade will suit your coloring? You can still wear it, just away from your face.

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blazer | slingback pump | dress | bag | top

9. Perennial Blue

There are two blues in Spring’s palette. This is the more vivid. It’s a great color to wear with some of these other brights to calm things down a touch, or wear it as a suit or a dress in business. Blue always conveys authority and trustworthiness.

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scarf | slide sandals | satin blouse | bag | crisscross top

10. Summer Song

This second blue is a clean blue that is calming and tranquil and is also a way to soften the vivid shades. Classic with a touch of gray, it is also an excellent color when you want to show you are responsible and credible.

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Remember,  the spring colors and how to wear them are all about expressing your individuality so play around, experiment, and show the world who you are through the power of color!



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