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Spring & Summer 2022 Fashion Trends on Everyone’s Radar

The warm weather is here. There’s a new feeling of optimism, and fashion is alive and kicking again.

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Here are the spring  and summer fashion trends for 2022 that are creating the most excitement.


1. Oversize Blazers

The easiest way to refresh your wardrobe and look effortlessly cool is to get yourself a slouchy oversize blazer. This is the must-have closet staple of the season from the office to after work or on weekends. This season you will find it in classy neutrals and bold brights, plaids, and checks. Don’t worry that it will look sloppy. If you wear it over something fitted, belt it, push up the sleeves and turn up the collar, you can own the look!


2. Wide Leg Pants

Just as skinny jeans have taken a back seat to wide-leg jeans, so have skinny pants. You’ll see wide-leg trousers, both long and cropped. Slouchy gender natural trousers are the new vibe too. This relaxed new look is comfy glamorous and  classy. Wear them on their own or with a matching oversize blazer.


3. Gingham

Girls love gingham but can grown-up gals wear it too? Yes, if you stick to classic shapes and more tailored styles and black and white, For example, a black and white gingham jacket will lend a touch of sophistication to this print. Or try gingham as an accessory. A summer sandal, bag, or scarf is an excellent nod to the trend.


4. Crocheted Knits

Netted knits and crocheted garments are crafty and cool this spring. Many have a colorful retro vibe and may remind you of something your grandma or mom made you in the 70s! What is old is new again, but that’s no reason not to revisit this trend. Look for new and exciting ways to wear the look, like crochet clogs or a crochet dress over pants. ( A dress over pants is another popular trend)


5. Fringe

Fringe has been a popular accent on clothing for a few seasons now. This spring kicks fringe into high gear with longer, swingier, more dramatic fringe than we have seen before. Look for Gatsby-like fringe cocktail dresses, fringe bags, coats and pants.


6. Black and White

The reason so many women love black and white is that it never fails to look chic. This spring is no exception. You’ll find lots of exciting black and white options from graphic prints, to florals, to stripes and black and white scalloped edged tops and sweaters.


7. Super Brights

At the opposite end of the color, spectrum are the super brights- vivid, strong pops of color that resemble highlighter markers. There’s lots of yellow, pink, orange, green and blue. The most daring wear it head-to-toe, but for most of us, a little dab will do you. Try a super bright jacket, top, or maybe just a wow, bright shoe. Workout wear is the easiest way to wear these high energy shades.

8. Boho Style and Maxis

Skirts and dresses are longer than ever and naturally lend themselves to modern boho-hippie style. Tiered dressed with puff or peasant sleeves, romantic floral prints, upcycled materials, and feminine details make these carefree boho maxis perfect for hot summer days.

9. Butterflies

Butterflies symbolize spiritual rebirth, so it’s no wonder they seem to be the print of the moment now that we are emerging from the Pandemic. I’m seeing lots of pretty butterfly tops, dresses, and jewelry. If you want to make a carefree, feminine statement this spring, spread your wings and fly with a butterfly print piece of clothing.

10. Dramatic Draping

Draping, soft folds, and ruching will have you looking like a Greek Goddess this spring. This popular detailing is not only beautiful, but it is also very figure flattering when you want to hide a tummy or camouflage any lumps or bumps. This is an easy trend to wear and is sure to be a big hit with the 40+ crowd who find their bodies have gotten a little rounder and softer over the years.


Other Trends to Keep your Eye on…

Dresses over Pants, catsuits, bra tops, popcorn textures, pleated skirts, metallics, mini skirts, white suits, cutouts, and more!


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