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Stick on Bras ~ Do they work?

When you have that top or dress that just won’t work with a traditional bra, there is always the option to use a stick-on strapless, backless bra.

In case you have not heard of these, they are sticky pieces of silicone that you just stick on and go!

The brand I like the best is Nu Bra. This sticky, backless, strapless bra, is the original brand, and it is very comfortable and easy to put on and off.

However, let me add a disclaimer: If you have more than a small C cup, the strapless version will not work for you. But they are now making them with clear straps that will keep those puppies nice and lifted!


But the big question is do they really work?

I have been through several pairs now, and here is what I have found. They work just great under “sedate” conditions.

That means, if you plan on going out and dancing like a crazed woman or if it’s really hot out, you could be in for some trouble.

I wore mine today in 90-degree heat. As I sat outside and sipped my iced coffee, I felt them start to slip and slide. So I had to take them off and put them in my purse.

However, for a calm dinner date in comfortable weather, I think they can be a real-life lifter!

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6 thoughts on “Stick on Bras ~ Do they work?

  1. Hey, these stick-on bras do work. From my friends and my experience, they are best if you’re a D cup or below.

    I recently wore one to a wedding reception, did the job nicely. They’re good. I wouldn’t wear one every day though as it’s not practical, but for the occasion it was fine.

    I had trouble finding one in the UK high street shops, so ended up getting mine at (I’ve left a link in my signature)


  2. I think this article was written before they had the Nubra featherlitestyles. I am 61 years old, and I wear the Featherlite Nubra’s from every day of my life! If you are a D cup these will work too.

    They aren’t supposed to go at the crease of the breast but above enough to pull the cup up to where you want those boobies to be!!

    This is the ONLY bra I own, I am a C cup. I hate straps!

  3. What’s a girl over 50 to do? My son is getting married. My dress is strapless. I don’t think a strapless bra will hold me up. I am a 36D and weigh 113 pounds. Get the picture.

  4. I am The Bra Lady at a Macy’s in suburban Pittsburgh.

    Can assure you all that these silicone “stick-on” bras are not meant for any woman beyond the age of 30 or a younger woman beyond a C cup.

    Truly, ladies! Figure it out.

    BRA STRAPS are what is needed to provide uplift.

    And please…stay away from Maidenform, Barely There & Wonder Bra.

    These bras are NOT designed for us.

    Another, please? Get over your Bra Size Denial and get yourself a BIG GIRL BRA.

    Real Women Bras begin at a size 34 B.

    Maidenform, Barely There & Wonderbra are not designed for REAL WOMEN.

    1. I have worked in women’s fashion and intimates retail and was a fashion stylist for a live tv retail network/shopping channel. I feel I know my stuff. I highly, but respectfully disagree with the above comment.

      The only thing that works for my 36 DDs is Maidenform. Mine are low hangers (have always been), I have a large gap between my breasts, I’m 41 yo and weigh 200 lbs. When measured professionally I am between a 36 and 38 but always a DD. If I go by the “how to find your bra size” charts on most online shopping sites, I’m something like a FF, which I tried and it is ridiculously huge on me. Wonderbra has a small strap around the back which may be uncomfortable if you’re at the point where you have back fat or are a bit fluffy. I have not tried Barely There so I can’t comment on the brand’s fit. My models, vary from XS to XL and most of them wear, VS (they fall apart but they’re pretty! LOL), Maidenform, and Soma bras. Some have told me they got theirs off eBay from generic brands. It’s just whatever fits you!

      Ladies, just try on as many styles and sizes within your back size and cup size range and just figure out what works for you. Another tip would be to bring a t-shirt, a silky blouse, and whatever else you commonly wear into the dressing room with you so you can see how the bra looks under them.

      I had the silicone stick-on bra and though it said D on the box I couldn’t get it to look right on my “challenging” breasts enough to dare to wear it for the dress I had in mind. It did work though and it did stick to the point I had to remove it with coconut oil. So if your breasts are not challenged by the things mine are, I recommend trying them! They’re not that pricey after all. You can find them on the discount sites like eBay and Amazon as well as all over the web. They have them at your discount outlets like Marshall’s and Stein Mart too.

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