The Solution for Bra Straps that Show

Strappys Bra strap solution
Strappys Bra strap solution

Hi Deborah,

I have a beach wedding to go to, and I would love to wear one of the light flowy beach dresses they have out now but I am very top-heavy and cannot use the thin straps they have and yes I am over 40 shall we say. Any suggestions?  

Thanks, Wanda in Georgia

Hi Wanda,

It sounds like you are saying you need to wear a good bra under that flowy dress. But how do you hide the straps..or do you? There is a neat product called Strappys. You might want to try them.

The other idea is to wear a very lightweight or sheer jacket or even a sweater with your dress. It’s always a challenge to get the right cover up.

You will have to take the dress with you when you shop. You must try the jacket/sweater on with the dress because different jackets end in different places and sometimes are not flattering. You don’t want the jacket to end at your widest spot. Also, some jackets will be too tailored to go with a loose, flowy dress. It’s going to be a little trial and error. Good Luck!

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11 thoughts on “The Solution for Bra Straps that Show

  1. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think bra straps should ever show. You can find beach dresses with coverage for bra straps. And people with smaller bosoms (like me) can wear strapless bras.

    1. Hi Celeste,
      I don’t think you are old fashioned at all. I don’t like straps showing either, even if they are encrusted in diamonds.
      But everyone is different.

      Glam Gal Deborah

  2. Yes, I thought about that too after I said it – it would have to be done with materials that are washable, like the embellishments used on some T’s and knits. But Strappys is a great idea – I hope they can incorporate their embellished strap ideas into some commercially made bras in the future. I’d really love to buy the bra with pretty straps already on it – and washable straps I mean. I haven’t found a good convertable bra to fit me, but I love the idea of pretty straps. Right now I only wear tops that cover my straps cleanly.

  3. That product got me thinking…what if you were to embellish existing bra straps with fabric ribbon, beads or whatever that was decorative – you could sew on yourself, or you could even velcro it on with very thin velcro strips. Hmmm…I may have to experiment with that.

    1. Hi Kelly,
      While the “do it yourself” idea might be a tricky one to pull off…the problem will be, how to wash the bra in the future. Anything you might add to the straps will surely start looking sorry after a washing! The vecro idea would probably not work either because the velcro would be too think and you would see it from the side view. The best bet would be to just make the strap yourself…but sometimes that takes more time and money than just buying the ones in the firstplace. I’m sure the makers of Strappies took many tries before they got it right, however if you are super talented in sewing or beading you might be able to pull it off the first try.

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