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Style Tips From A Grown And Curvy Woman

She’s a colorful, confident dresser who doesn’t let size or age compromise her style. Meet Georgette Niles, creator of the popular blog, Grown and Curvy Woman.


Whether she’s donning a dress or rocking a bathing suit, this 43-year-old fashionista from Pennsylvania knows a thing or two about dressing a plus size figure.

Georgette confidently embraces the latest trends and has a gift for combining color and prints. Her enthusiasm and joy of fashion comes shining through every photo. I recently had the chance to talk to Georgette about dressing the mature plus size figure. Here’s my interview with this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.

Deborah BolandDeb: Georgette, your motto is, “Style has no Age or Size”. Tell us more about that.

Georgette: It means that no matter your age and size you can be stylish.  Style is not something that is exclusive to young people. Being plus size doesn’t mean you cannot be polished and sophisticated.  Style has no boundaries and is for EVERYONE.


Deb: Where did your love of fashion come from?

Georgette: As plus size fashion has improved, my love of fashion has grown. Plus size designers such as Jibri make beautiful clothes for us which makes me love fashion even more.


Deb: How would you describe the way you like to dress?

Georgette: I like clothing that accentuates my curves and makes me feel wonderful.

Deb: How difficult is it being a plus size fashionista in 2015? 

Georgette: Compared to what plus size fashion was 10-15 years ago, it has improved immensely and continues to grow. Plus size  retailers such as Eloquii, ASOS Curve and Simply Be provide quality on trend clothing.  Designers such as DKNY, Vince Camuto, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors all have have plus size lines.  Lane Bryant has shown with it’s collaborations with Isabel Toldedo, Lela Rose and the upcoming collection with Christian Siriano that plus size fashion can be high end.


Deb: You do a great job of combining unlikely colors and mixing patterns.  What inspires you?

Georgette: I always have ideas of what I want to wear the night before.  I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and magazines such as People Style Watch & InStyle.  I also get outfit inspiration from other bloggers such as La Precosa Preciosa, The Jenesaisquoi and Suburban Faux Pas.


Deb: Can you give us any tips for how styling color and pattern?

Georgette: Wearing a darker color on the bottom and wearing a lighter color on top (and vice versa) always works.  I love pattern mixing, but I know it can be intimidating.  Mixing stripes with polka dots or a floral print is a safe way of easing into the trend.



Deb: Do you have any favorite trends you love right now?

Georgette: As mentioned,  I love pattern mixing.  I’m also a big fan of gingham and midi skirts.  The great thing about trends is that you can pick & choose which one works for you.


Deb: If you had to throw out everything in your closet except for two outfits, which would they be?

Georgette: I would keep an all black outfit (black blouse & pants) and a white button up shirt and red skirt.  Black goes with everything and red is a vibrant color that give any outfit a pop of color.


Deb: What advice can you offer plus-size women who are struggling to embrace their figures?

Georgette: Self-acceptance can be hard, but it can be achieved. Eliminating negative self-talk is one way to get on the road to self-love. Surrounding yourself with people who love and support you also helps.  This is YOUR journey, and there is no set time or schedule to learn how to love yourself.



Deb: What 5 items are a must for a plus-size wardrobe?

Georgette: A  pencil skirt, a great pair of slacks, blazer, a LBD and a trench coat.


Deb: Can you suggest some great plus size places to shop- Your favorites?

Georgette: Ann Taylor Loft, Eloquii, Old Navy, Gap, ASOS Curve and Nordstrom. 



Deb: Accessories…. What gets you excited?

Georgette: I’ve definitely become a shoe gal.  Kitten & mid heels are my favorite!


Deb: What message do you hope to send to your blog readers?

Georgette: “Fashions fade, style is eternal”–YSL


Deb: Anything else you would like to add?

Georgette Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I appreciate it so much!

Deb:  Thanks so much Georgette for sharing your lovely style with us. You are Fabulous!! Ladies, be sure to visit Georgette at her blog, Grown and Curvy Woman.

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8 thoughts on “Style Tips From A Grown And Curvy Woman

  1. She’s a doll! Love the black and white polka dot skirt with striped coat outfit, and the little black dress.

  2. Georgette has great style! I’ve been reading her blog for about a year and she’s got a knack for putting together outfits that look great on her, are colorful and fun. She’s proof that being stylish has nothing to do with size.

  3. Georgette, you look fantastic. I especially loved the sparkly top, jeans and fushia heels. And that all black outfit, so chic. Thank you for sharing your style with us.

  4. Thanks for this delightful interview with Georgette. I love her blog for her styling flair and creative use of color. Best of all though, is her beautiful smile.

  5. This woman looks amazing! She has great taste, and mixes things very well. Thank you for showcasing a big beautiful woman!

  6. She has a knack for pairing black & white with color accents. Also admiring the blue pattern pants with the yellow sweater. Just one time did I see too many colors brought into the outfit to suit my taste. But standing ovation with dual amplifiers for the swimsuit!!! Adorable, fun, sexy/retro cut.

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