How to Wear Cropped Colored Jeans Over 45

Dear Deborah,

I’m 45. Is it o.k. to wear cropped colored jeans? I think they would be a good way to bring some color into my fall 2017 wardrobe. Can you give me ideas for what to wear them with?  – Carla

Hi Carla,

You’ve never been too old for colored jeans. They add a youthful touch, and the cropped style is trendy at the moment. This season, there are many lovely fall colors, and they are not so bright that you have to worry about looking like a stop sign. Here are a few ideas for how to style cropped colored jeans this fall.

 Maroon with Tie Print Top

1. Cropped Colored Jeans

Burgundy is one of the top colors for fall, and it’s my favorite choice if you want to buy a pair of colored jeans. This color is just so rich and classy. It’s such a nice change from your regular blue jeans, but this shade of dark red isn’t loud and bossy. This is the classic cropped style above the ankle and has a skinny, classic fit. I think they look great with a patterned top that picks up on the burgundy and a pair of cute flats. You can’t go wrong with this chic way of styling cropped-colored jeans.

Green Jeans with Tie Blouse

2. Cropped with a Frayed Hem

Here’s another style that is really popular now – the fringe edge cropped jeans. I have these exact jeans (and a pair in white too) and I love them. They are super comfy, and that touch of fringe adds a playful edge. Olive is a great color because it’s perfect year-round. It’s like blue jeans- it works with every color. I like it here with these cute tan booties and a crossbody bag. It gives it a nice fall feel.

3. Cropped Flared Jeans

Now, this is an interesting color and style. This looks like that new Autumn Maple color I have been telling you about for fall. I like it because it has life, but it is more muted than straight orange or bright red jeans. A neutral white cools down bright Jeans and also lets them take center stage. The brighter the jean, the less color you want up if you aim for a sophisticated look. Do you notice the jeans have a little flare to them? This is a little more fashion-forward than skinny, but not for everybody; if you can wear it, fabulous! But stick to skinny if this feels weird to you. One other thing. Look at those darling suede mules. These are the newest types of shoes everyone is wearing with cropped jeans and any pants in general. An interesting shoe like this is essential with cropped jeans because all emphasis is on your ankle and feet.

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7 thoughts on “How to Wear Cropped Colored Jeans Over 45

  1. Yoga now makes a high rise skinny jean that is almost like a jegging (faux front pockets). I am 57, 5’4″, size 4. I bought 2 pr of skinny coloured jeans tonight and was in debate about whether I should have bought straight jeans instead at my age, so they are not so tight to my leg? The only reason I went with the skinny, was because I thought maybe they were more versatile – I could wear them with ballet flats or tucked in to boots. I am still undecided if I am clinging to a look that is too young for my age?

    PS: Do these require a longer top, or can I treat them as a jean and wear a hip length sweater?


    1. Hi Deb,
      I love yoga jeans. I have two pairs I bought last year, a gold pair and a teal pair. They are nice and stretchy. Yes, you can absolutely wear these with shorter tops because they are heavier than a legging, which is often more like a thick stocking, and they have a waistband. I’d love to see a photo. If you can snap one send to

  2. Finally I already found classical types of jeans. Wearing different clothes everyday is not anymore my problem.

  3. Very timely article. I’m 47 & have succumbed to the coloured jeans trend. I’ve bought a green pair & intend to just pair them with a simple black tunic top & ballet flats. So good luck Carla, go for it I say.