Tan Suede Moto Jacket for Spring

What kind of jacket do you wear with an animal print dress? This tan suede moto jacket adds a sophisticated edge to this exotic animal print.

Deborah Boland Spring Suede3

Most of us think of suede jackets as dark, heavy, and rustic looking jackets to be worn in the fall.  These days suede jackets are softer, lighter and more refined looking, and they are starting to be worn in spring. We’re seeing them in all sorts of pretty colors like this beautiful tan. You will also find a lot of pastel suede jackets in stores for spring.


Deborah Boland Michael Kors suede moto jacket

My Michael Kors tan suede moto jacket is a popular style this season, but there are lots of other interesting silhouettes in suede.

A jacket like this makes a great transitional piece as we move into the warmer weather. You could also wear in the fall. Suede has become seasonless. That’s a good thing if you are on a budget because if you are going to invest in a jacket, invest in one you can wear year round!

Do you like suede jackets? Will you be wearing one this spring? Would you wear this jacket?

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13 thoughts on “Tan Suede Moto Jacket for Spring

  1. I dont have suede, but have velvet, leather and faux leather jackets. I love the color , the camel color looks great on you , with your hair and complexion. I also love the cropped style and the lovely dress which incorporates the camel with black. I also love you are showing off your gorgeous gams !
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx

  2. Debra, this modern moto style jacket is absolutely wonderful, so stylish and versatile. Loving the way you styled it with your animal print dress, making it a bit more casual and just all around fun.
    Yes, I do like suede and you just motivated me to get a few out of my closet again.

  3. I don’t particularly associate suede with autumn. I believe it can be worn any time we need a jacket, including cool weather in the spring! I like the sand, but think suede in pastel colors would look awesome! Just imagine this jacket in a very pale blue, green, or pink!

    1. Hi Sharon, As I transition into spring I want to get a pale blue dress to wear with this sand jacket. That’s going to be a popular color combination this spring and it’s so soft and dreamy. Cheers, Deborah

  4. Greetings Deborah and Glam Gals!
    Suede buttery soft, so classic, so timeless, so fabulous! Again, wonderful to see you modeling Deborah, you look great!

  5. That jacket looks super cute with your animal print dress, and I could see myself wearing that. Still, I’m not sure how much I’ll buy into the “spring is for suede” way of thinking. It’s so attached to fall/winter for me.