Sunglasses After 40 – How to Choose the Right Ones

With summer on the horizon, sandals and sundresses are at the top of our shopping lists, yet many of us forget about the most necessary item: the perfect pair of sunglasses.  Aside from offering important protection from the sun, the right pair of sunnies is the icing on the cake for your signature summer look. They take any outfit from mediocre to pulled-together in one swoop.

How do you find the perfect pair for you? By understanding the unique angles and lines of your face.


Find your Face Shape

Is your face square or circular? Oval or heart-shaped? Sometimes the hardest part of this process is deciphering which category your face falls into.

Here’s a Quick Trick:

Stand directly in front of a mirror, making sure to pull any loose hair away from your face. Using a washable utensil—lipstick, soap, or a dry erase marker will work—trace the outline of your face on the mirror’s surface. Although everyone’s bone structure is unique, most faces falling into four categories: round (circular), square (rectangular), oval (oblong), or heart (triangular).

Take a step back, and try to match your outline with the face shape most similar to yours. You can use these sketches as a guide:


Round faces are characterized by a smooth, circular shape free of harsh angles. Your jawline is round and full, your face is about as wide as it is long, and your rounded cheekbones are the widest part of the face.


Square faces are distinguished by a broad, boxy jawline, with the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw being the same width. The sides of your face are straight, and your hairline is most likely straight as well.


For oval and oblong faces, your face is longer than it is wide with a softly rounded jawline and hairline. Your face is free of harsh angles and is widest at the cheekbones.


Heart and triangular face shapes are characterized by a wide forehead and long, pointed jawline. Your forehead is the widest part of your face or the same width as your cheekbones, with your chin as the narrowest part.

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Pick Your Best Pair

Now that you’ve mastered your face shape choose frames that accentuate your best features.

If you’re round: Know that opposites attract. Balance soft lines with harsh, square-angled frames like classic wayfarers or oversized square sunnies. Vintage-looking cat eye shapes will also add definition to soft features. Steer clear from round or oval shapes, which will only add extra width to this face shape.


If you’re square: Square faces call for softening up harsh angles. Combat boxy silhouettes with round shapes like oval glasses or always-in-style aviators. Cat eyes and trendy rimless sunglasses will work to soften square faces, too.


If you’re oval: Oval faces are the envy of all other shapes, because they can wear just about any frame style! Oval and oblong faces DO need to keep in mind proportion: petite faces need to stick with chic smaller frames, while longer, broader faces can experiment with the oversized trend. Oval faces pull off aviator and wayfarer styles as well.


If you’re heart: Frame styles that sweep upward will naturally soften the severe jawline of a heart or triangle face shape. Popular cat eye and angular wayfarer frames will not only make a fashion statement this summer but will highlight this face shape’s gorgeous cheekbones.



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