Super Comfortable Wedges for Walking

Dear Deborah,

I’m getting ready for a trip to Europe and need your help with footwear. I just purchased a pair of running type shoes, ( Ecco  flats),  but I also want to bring some wedges that are comfy, and that will look good with my outfits, particularly my sundresses. What do you suggest? 

Thanks, Cynthia S. – Boston, MA

Dear Cynthia,

You are in luck since I recently came across a new brand of walking shoe.  Fly London is a European brand that is made with comfort and style in mind. Their styles are a little more funky and clunky than I usually show, but they work.

Fly London

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13 thoughts on “Super Comfortable Wedges for Walking

  1. Took a walking tour of Italy, Greece and Turkey last November. We logged over 90 miles! I wore my Walking Cradles Christy short boots almost exclusively. Amazing shoes! They went well with jeans and dressier pants. I even wore them with my long skirts.

  2. I recently took a cruise to Italy and Spain and wore a pair of Anne Klein sport shoes in black.
    They were really comfortable and looked great with slacks.

  3. Hi Nancy,
    These are all from the brand Fly London, a wonderful company that specialize in high style yet comfortable footwear. I agree Frye boots are cute and very stylish, however, comfortable they are NOT!
    These boots are very comfy. Also, AirItalia(Nordstrom carries them) and Paul Green are good comfy brands.

  4. —and I like all of the boots above, but have they been tested for comfort? I wear Frye boots and they are fine for a couple of hours, say, but not a whole day of sightseeing.

  5. Hi everyone – I like Merrell’s black shoe that looks like a boot when worn under pants (why do we not call them “slacks” anymore?) or jeans, but they are SO comfortable – the kitchen crew at our restaurant wears them (or Danskos) and they are on their feet 12 hours straight. Your pants cannot be highwater tho — but why would they be??

  6. I was always the shoe fashion queen, but neuroma’s and falling arches, and periodic edema (especially when I fly) in both feet soon put a stop to that. I just came back from a 14 days in Paris/London and I wore the “Munro Traveller” shoe with my orthotic insert. They looked great with tights and a slim skirt or with pants and they were super comfortable. I walked miles so my feet were “tired” at the end of the day, but that you can expect. They were not blistered or paining me at all. I like all the munro shoes but I will say that the traveller is a very good choice if your feet are prone to swelling!

  7. I had the same issue when I went to China for two weeks a couple of years ago. I found a cute black patent leather flat made by Ecco. They went with everything, capris, slacks, jeans and were very comfortable!

    1. LOL…hi Fashionistachic,
      Yes, we hear ya… but once you get past a certain age, many women just can’t walk all day in high fashion shoe. There has to be a solution to looking great without a heel. It is possible and the right outfit is for sure important. Lets keep this discussion going!

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