Best Shoes To Wear With Capris and Cropped Pants

Capris with Sneakers
Bulky sneakers + capris make you look short and stumpy.

Capris are tricky because they can make your legs look short. Wear them with the wrong pair of shoes, and you can look downright stumpy!

Case in point, Bulky socks and sneakers are comfy, but paired with capris or short, cropped pants, they scream frump city! This is one summer-style sins you do not want to commit.

When wearing capris or cropped pants, stay away from …

  • Bulky athletic sneakers with socks
  • Clogs
  • Loafers
  • Oxfords
  • Shoes with thick soles
  • Shoes with thick, wide straps
  • Clunky shoes
  • Any heavy shoe that weighs you down.

To look fabulous in capris, you need to create the illusion of a long, lean lower leg.

To do this, put some visual distance between the hem of your capris and the tips of your toes. The best shoes for this are:

  • nude (skin tone) color, or are the same color as your capris. 
  • are light and airy looking mainly on the top of the foot
  • have a low vamp
  • have a  pointy toe, rather than a round toe
  • have no straps above the ankle

1. Lace-up Sandals

Olive capris lace up sandals

Here are some popular styles of shoes to wear with summer capris and cropped trousers that will make you look stylish and balanced

Lace-up sandals are open, airy, and reveal some skin that helps elongate the leg. If you don’t like up lace-ups, then any flat sandals will work. Choose a simple t-strap or multiple straps, but make sure the sandal looks light and airy to go with the breezy, summery look of capris and cropped pants.

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2.   Pumps

Black and white printed pants

A classic pointy-toe pump elevates the look of capris and cropped pants.  A fine, high-heel sandal adds a sexy touch if you wear them with capris.

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shoes for capris

Notice how this chunky platform mule on the left covers and weighs down the foot making the whole look frumpy. Compare this to the low vamp pump on the right, which opens up the foot and elongates the leg, and looks more proportionate.

3. Block Heels

White off the shoulder top and jeans

Block heels are modern and give you some height without the hurt. This nude color helps create a long, lean leg line that makes your legs go on for miles.

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4. Flats

Denim capris pink off the shoulder top

Ballet flats worn with capri pants are a classic look that was made famous by Audrey Hepburn and still looks chic today!  D’Orsay style flats are the prettiest versions of the ballet flat. The pointy toe and chic side cutouts are the perfect complements to capris and cropped pants.

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5. Canvas Flats

Black capris blue of the shoulder top

Espadrilles and canvas flats are lightweight, casual, and breezy. They’re a natural choice to pair with short-cropped pants and capris.

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6. Mules

A cute pair of Mules look classy with capris, especially when they look like those chic gold ones. Add a circle bag and a cute wrap top, and you have elevated the casual nature of capris to a whole new level.

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7. Strappy Flat Sandals

A pair of cute strappy sandals always look right in summer with cropped pants or capris. Gold is super flattering and works perfectly with all colors since it is considered neutral.

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8. Statement Sneakers

Statement sneakers are not only comfy, but they’re also super stylish too, and there are so many to choose from to suit your personality. My favorite is the perforated style sneaker in this soft shade of blush.

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9. Slides

Shoes for Capris - Orange Sandals

Casual capris with a relaxed vibe look super with an easy pair of summer slides. These straw ones are all the rage and add a holiday vibe to a pair of olive linen khakis.

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10. Platform Sandals

If you prefer some height, then a pair of platform sandals can work with cropped or capris pants. The light color -white- and cork wedge on these keep these sandals from looking too clunky or heavy with wide-leg capris.

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We’ve looked at a lot of different options of shoes to wear with capris. Which is your favorite type?


Block Heels – Height Without The Hurt

Fashion is finally giving us what we’ve wanted for a long time – stylish shoes with heels that are easy on the feet.  Thank goodness for block heels!  They’re fashion forward, yet sensible and they come lots of different heights too, including low – The Idina Ankle Strap Pump, medium – Tiana Waterproof Pointy Toe Bootie and tall – Steve Madden ‘Carssen’ Sandal.


Why I like block heels?

For years, I wore super high stilettos and thought nothing of it. But then I hit my 40’s, and my lifestyle shifted. I left the corporate world, and the way I dressed became much more casual. Today I’m a mom with three teenagers, and I work from home. I don’t wear stilettos anymore unless I’m going to a conference, a special function, or the odd dressy date night out. Continue reading “Block Heels – Height Without The Hurt”


Sculptural Fashion: 3 Ways to Control the Volume

Designers have been churning out almost sculptural designs. Instead of being fitted, garments are now swooping upwards and outwards, taking on a surreal, artistic twist. It’s no longer about showing off the body using controlled volume.

The look is mysterious. Cocoon jackets have round shoulders and exaggerated curved sleeves that taper tightly to seize our wrists. Trapeze tops cling to the bust and then drop dramatically outwards to their hem. Blocked heels are thick and chunky with slim, tapered toes.


Cocoon jackets have round shoulders and exaggerated curved sleeves
Cocoon jackets have round shoulders and exaggerated curved sleeves.



Distorting the body’s view is not a new idea, but it has never been this mainstream. Fashion journalists call this sculptural look “controlled volume” and forecast it as the decade’s definitive look. But how do you manage to pull off something so theatrical on the sidewalk, not the runway?

1. Contrast the Volume

Clothing that is very full-cut or flows away from the body needs to be balanced. To keep from looking costume-like, balance these pieces with items that lay closer to the body. Trapeze tops pair best with skinny-cut pants. The chunkiness of block heels becomes easier to pull off when worn with pants that show off the shape of your leg. Cocoon coats should be paired with slim knit tops that hug your curves and skinny pants.

 2. Keep Accessories Sleek

This look is all about being modern, so keep the frilly accessories at home, please! Bags and shoes should be solid colored and have clean lines. Jewelry should not be too ornate or fussy.

Trapeze tops pair best with skinny-cut pants


3. Keep your Look Coherent

Make sure that you use a maximum of three colors in your outfit. Any more than that will make it too chaotic. When you’re dipping your toe in this style, try neutrals with a pop of red.

This new fashion look won’t be going anywhere soon, so why not try it out? Armed with the tips above, you’ll be ready to take on the modern look in a fierce way that’s age-appropriate to boot. And in ten years, you might look back and remember that trapeze top as fondly as you do your ’70s flares!

*This article from Guest Contributor Morgan Mullin


What Shoes to Wear to a High School Reunion?

There’s always some panic around what to wear to your high school reunion. You want to look fab, but you want to feel comfy too, especially when you will standing around for hours getting caught up with old friends. Here’s an email from a reader worried about what shoes to wear. Can you relate?

wrap dress high school reunionDear Deborah,

I’m planning to wear this black wrap dress to my 45th class reunion and have decided that I probably can’t handle the high heeled shoes I bought ( similar to ones in the photo) for the whole night. Also, our community here is VERY casual.  

What shoes should I wear? I was thinking of black ballet flats, but I don’t want to look short and frumpy. I’m only 5’2″.  The heels look great, but I’m afraid I’ll end up barefoot after 3 hours. Thanks, Sara

Hi Sara,

This is such a pretty dress that it would be nice to wear a feminine shoe with a bit of height.

Block Heels are Comfy and Stylish

Why not try a  1 to 2.5-inch nude colored block heel sandal?  It will give you the height you need, plus the chunky heel is better for your foot than a stiletto because it has a greater surface area across which to distribute your body weight.

I like the choice of a nude shoe because it will also help you look taller than a black or a colored shoe. A nude shoe in the shade close to your own skin will blend in with your legs making them look longer, and you look taller.

(For those not concerned with the height you may prefer black (elegant), or to even pick up on one of the colors in the dress such as fuchsia- fun.

Wedges are a Possibility

Another shoe possibility is a  low wedge.  For example, a  nude closed-toe wedge. A wedge shoe is also easier on the feet than high heels. They are not as fashion forward at the moment as block heel sandals but are classics that do work.

Kitten heels are also in style. While low, they are generally not too comfy standing for long periods because of the thin heel. You’d have to test out a pair.

Sara followed up to ask what she should wear on her legs if anything & if black tights were o.k.? Here’s my advice:

Pantyhose/Tights and Open Toe Sandals Don’t Work

Unfortunately, pantyhose or tights worn with open toe sandals look dated and frumpy.  I’d suggest that if you are going to wear an open toe sandal, you find a good faux tanner to give your legs a hint of color.

If you go with a closed toe shoe such as a closed toe wedge, slingback or pump, then yes you can wear ultrasheer stockings (or bare legs).  I like Donna Karan’s Nude collection of ultrasheer stockings. They are very transparent and natural. You’ll find them sold in most department stores.

dark hose and nude shoes
Dark hose with nude or light shoes doesn’t work. Wear sheer hose with nude or light shoes.

As for black tights, no, they’re too heavy and dark to wear with nude or light-colored shoes, whether they be an open and closed toe.

Can You Wear Black Tights with a Wrap Dress and Black Shoes?

I find most times when women try to wear opaque or semi-opaque black tights with black shoes with a silk/ jersey wrap dress they look off-balance. In other words, bottom heavy.

Opaque black tights can sometimes work with a wrap dress if you have some black in your dress, and you pair the tights/dress with high black high boots.  It’s one of those things where you have to try it on and see if you look weighed down.

Dark tights look best worn with a medium to heavy weight knit dress and dark shoes, boots, or booties.

Your high school reunion is a special event, and it is warm out, so I’d stick to a nude shoe and either bare legs, or ultra sheer nude colored stockings if you are wearing closed toe shoes. This the best choice to make you look feminine, tall, slim and stylish.

Have Fun!