What to Wear to a Casual Reunion : Outfit Ideas

Dear Deborah,

I’ve just received an invitation to a 30th class reunion, and I’m panicking about what to wear. It’s being held at a local bar, and the invite says “dress casually.”  I’m thinking that might mean jeans, but I’m also worried jeans aren’t dressy enough? What do you suggest to wear to a casual reunion? Thanks, Lynn

Hi Lynn,

These days, a class reunion is often a causal affair held in a basement, at a community hall,  a local bar or in the high school gym.  These types of venues don’t require you to get too dressed up, however when you haven’t seen someone for many years; you want to look modern and stylish.

Here are some ideas for what to wear to a casual 30th class reunion to look relaxed, but classy.

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How to Wear Frayed Hem Jeans and Not Look Sloppy

The most modern way to wear jeans this spring is to let it all hang out – literally. Jeans with unraveled, frayed, and ragged hemlines are where it’s at. While some gals love frayed hem jeans, others think they look like someone got way too scissor-happy!

If you’re on the fence and want to give them a try while at the same time keeping it neat and classy, here are Four Ways to Wear Frayed Hem Jeans and Not Look Sloppy. 

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How to Wear Straight Leg Jeans (and What Makes Them Different from Other Jeans)

Move over skinny jeans, this spring, straight leg jeans rule. Here’s everything you need to know about how to wear straight leg jeans to look modern and hip at any age.

Skinny Jeans vs. Straight Leg Jeans – What the Difference?

The main difference is the width of the leg opening. Skinny leg jeans have a closely tapered fit that hugs the thighs and calves and continues all the way down to the ankle.  Straight leg jeans fall straight down from the hip to the ankle. Although snug through the thighs, there’s more breathing room through the knees, calves, and ankles.

straight-leg-jeans vs. skinny jeans infographic

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Update Your Jeans for Fall – 3 Now Looks!

Jeans may be a gal’s best friend in the evenings, on weekends and sometimes at the office but that doesn’t mean you should take them for granted! (You shouldn’t take your real best friend for granted either BTW!) Just because something is a staple doesn’t mean it doesn’t evolve and wearing jeans in styles that are out-of-date is one of the biggest and frumpiest mistakes I see women over 40 make.

This fall I’ve seen a real evolution when it comes to denim jeans. The good news is that these changes are gorgeous and very wearable for an over-40 gal. Here are some of my favorite ideas on how to update your jeans for fall.

embroidered fall jeans

1.   Embroidered Jeans

Embroidery has been a big trend all this year, and we’re seeing it continue into fall on everything from tops to boots to jeans. Personally, I love the look. It is youthful, without being too young, and fresh. These skinny jeans with floral embroidery are a great example. Wear them with a longer cardigan like the cozy red one I’ve chosen here.

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Cheery Striped Fall Sweater and Colored Jeans

There’s no better way to start the day than with a nice cup of tea and a cute new outfit. Today I’m bringing you an easy fall outfit I just picked up that brightens my day.

Black, gray, white..the stores are loaded with these colors and I find they get really kind of boring, so recently I was on the lookout for something with some color when I ran across this.

This darling striped sweater is a welcome change in a sea of solid, dark colors. The unusual combo of mustard, burgundy, pink and gray (and even a touch of brown) is so modern and refreshing. I don’t know about you, but when I wear happy colors like these,  I feel happy. Color has such a powerful impact on my mood.


Look closely and you will see the pretty ombré paintstripe effect in this cozy, classy knit. This sweater is wool and cashmere so it’s very soft and comfy.

Do you like the shape? It’s a little boxy and those drop sleeves make it look very relaxed and chic. I’ve rolled up the sleeves a bit to give it a sporty feel.

michael kors jetsetter bag burgundy

To make the sweater pop, I’m repeating the color of one of the stripes by carrying a burgundy tote. This one is from Michael Kors. It’s called the Jet Set Tote and you can fit so much stuff into it that it is great for travel.

ombre striped sweater Deborah BolandHere’s the’s great for everyday. You could wear this sweater with regular blue jeans, but I wanted a more elegant vibe so I went with a pair of gorgeous, rich bugundy jeans. Colored jeans are a fun way to spice up a fall wardrobe.

michael kors booties My booties are last year from Michael Kors.

striped knit sweater Deborah BolandI like the artistic feel of this cute fall sweater.

It’s relaxed with a creative feel. Great for weekends!


Burgundy: How to Wear Fall’s Richest Color

Today on my series: The Fab Fall Countdown – 31 Days to a More Stylish Chic You…

If you’re on a mission to appear a little more sophisticated and upper class, then Burgundy is for you.

Burgundy fall clothing

Fall’s most popular color, officially nicknamed Tawny Port by Pantone, is rich and mature and has an aristocratic vibe. Wear it head to toe mixing up textures along the way to keep it from looking too flat and matchy. Or, try it with another one of fall’s most celebrated hues.

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How to Wear Cropped Colored Jeans Over 45

Dear Deborah,

I’m 45. Is it o.k. to wear cropped colored jeans? I think they would be a good way to bring some color into my fall 2017 wardrobe. Can you give me ideas for what to wear them with?  – Carla

Hi Carla,

You’ve never too old for colored jeans. They add a youthful touch, and the cropped style is trendy at the moment. This season, there are many lovely fall colors, and they are not so bright that you have to worry about looking like a stop sign. Here are a few ideas for how to style cropped colored jeans this fall.

 Maroon with Tie Print Top

1. Cropped Colored Jeans

Burgundy is one of the top colors for fall, and it’s my favorite choice if you want to buy a pair of colored jeans. This color is just so rich and classy. It’s such a nice change from your regular blue jeans, but this shade of dark red isn’t loud and bossy. This is the classic cropped style that is just above the ankle and has a skinny, classic fit. I think they look great with a patterned top that picks up on the burgundy and a pair of cute flats. You can’t go wrong with this chic way of styling cropped-colored jeans.

Green Jeans with Tie Blouse

2. Cropped with a Frayed Hem

Here’s another style that is really popular now – the fringe edge cropped jeans. I have these exact jeans (and a pair in white too) and I love them. They are super comfy, and that touch of fringe adds a playful edge. Olive is a great color because it’s perfect year-round. It’s like blue jeans- it works with every color. I like it here with these cute tan booties and a crossbody bag. It gives it a nice fall feel.

3. Cropped Flared Jeans

Now, this is an interesting color and style. This looks like that new Autumn Maple color I have been telling you about for fall. I like it because it has life, but it is more muted than straight orange or bright red jeans. A neutral white cools down bright Jeans and also lets them take center stage. The brighter the jean, the less color you want up if you aim for a sophisticated look. Do you notice the jeans have a little flare to them? This is a little more fashion-forward than skinny, but not for everybody; if you can wear it, fabulous! But stick to skinny if this feels weird to you. One other thing. Look at those darling suede mules. These are the newest types of shoes everyone is wearing with cropped jeans and just any pants in general. An interesting shoe like this is essential with cropped jeans because all emphasis is on your ankle and feet.

Color Me Fabulous Ebook Cover

Do you want to look younger, more vibrant, and wow? Not only will the right colors make you look fresh and modern and youthful, but they make you feel happier and more confident too. Discover the incredible power of color in my eBook, Color Me Fabulous: The Colors You Need to Wear to Look Age-Amazing!™


Lemon Print Top Adds Zest to Summer Style

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!  I’ve always loved that cheery saying, and it was the first thing that crossed my mind when I  spotted this cute lemon print top.

citrus blouse green jeans 1

This is such a happy top. It’s light and fresh and really feels like it was made for a hot summer day.

I’ve paired it with cropped olive green jeans for a casual daytime look. They’re a perfect length, just above the ankle a couple of inches. No more, and I don’t think they’d be so flattering. Do you see the frayed hem? That’s a subtle detail that makes them look more current than regular cropped jeans.

citrus blouse green jeans 3Have you noticed that fruity fashions seem to be trending this summer? Besides this lemon print, I’ve seen many pineapples, pineapples on bags, tops, and even shoes, and a few things with cherries on them.

citrus blouse green jeans 4

This top has just the right amount of flow for me. It has the shape to it, but it’s nice and loose. I like sleeveless blouses like this in summer because they are dressier than t-shirts but still casual and comfy.

citrus blouse green jeans 5

One thing I did want to mention is to make sure you wear a beige bra under a white top like this. If you wear a white bra under a white blouse, you will see the bra’s outline. It spoils the look.

citrus blouse green jeans 6

As for the jeans, I wanted to note that these are Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. I do love their jeans, but not their sizing. I’m normally a size 6, but with this brand, I’m a  size  2. Now isn’t that silly? Who do they think they are fooling? I know what size I am. Keep that in mind when you are buying from them.

I do have to give them credit, though, for their new campaign. I noticed recently in a magazine they were using lots of real women of different shapes and sizes. I must admit I have turned off their earlier ads with Christie Brinkley. She’s lovely, but really, who looks like that at 60+? She’s pretty perfect.

citrus blouse green jeans 7

Me in my sunnies! You’ve probably noticed me wearing these sunglasses in many posts. They’re from Ray-Ban, and I love them. I usually buy drugstore sunglasses because I always lose them, but I treated myself to these because the hexagonal shape was so flattering. I still have them. So good, so far…..

citrus blouse green jeans 8

I haven’t talked about my bag or sandals. I wore them with my Chicos beach dress in an earlier post and many other things as well. These rope wedges have been a big hit. All my readers seem to love them. The bag too.

You might think I would have chosen an orange bag to go with the yellow/green top, but I liked the fiery punch this coral color gave the outfit.

citrus blouse green jeans 9

My necklace is Ann Taylor. I have had it for ages. They really do have fabulous costume jewelry, and they are always putting it on sale. Here’s something similar I found from Kendra Scott, one of my favorite jewelry designers.  The sparkly gold drop circle earrings are from Kate Spade, another fave!

It never ceases to amaze me how a great piece of jewelry can totally pull together and uplevel a look.

citrus blouse green jeans 10


So there you go, ladies. No Avant-garde, dramatic runway look. It is just a casual, practical, cute summer outfit that is real for my real life as a mom and blogger. I hope this might work for you too.  You can shop this look above by clicking on the links.



How to Feel Confident in Cropped Jeans + 3 Cool Ways to Style Them

Ankle jeans are one thing, but crop jeans can take a little more getting used to. Showing off your shins can look chic, but it can also look horribly off!  What’s the secret to getting it right? Here are 7 style tips to look cool and feel confident in cropped jeans.

1. Choose the Right Style for Body Type

The good news is there is no one style of cropped jeans, and if you look around enough, you are sure something that works for you. Cropped jeans range from super skinny to slim straight leg, wide leg, and crop flares. Hourglass suit

2. Choose a Flattering Length

Finding a flattering length is going to depend on the shape of your legs. From capris to nearly ankle-length and anywhere in between, the only thing you need to remember is don’t choose a style where the pant hem ends at the widest part of your lower leg. This will truncate your legs and make you look short and wide.

3. Match Cropped Jeans to your Personality

Wearing crop jeans feels most natural when you own them. In other words, it’s important to find pairings sync with your personality. For example, dark skinny crop jeans have a sexy girl vibe, while faded, ripped crop flare jeans are for boho babes.

4. Color Counts

All I want to say here is you probably already know that a dark wash jean is more slimming than a light wash, so if you are worried about looking short in cropped jeans (or heavy), go for a darker wash.

5. Wear Cropped Jeans with Short Top

Cropped jeans end way far above the ankle and tend to make your legs look short. To counterbalance this and elongate your gams, wear a short top that ends at the waist to see more of the jeans. You can also wear a top or shirt tucked in or slip on a longer top and do a front half tuck. If you want to wear a jacket or cardigan over top of your shorter top, that’s fine. It won’t ruin the look.

6. Shoes – It Depends

Do you want comfort, height, or both? Sneakers and flat shoes work with skinny crop jeans but aren’t as flattering with wide-leg cropped jeans. Even a low one, any kind of heel helps uplevel the look of straight or wide-leg cropped jeans. A good rule of thumb? The wider the pant leg, the higher the heel should be.

7. Dont Force It

Don’t bend yourself out of shape over a pair of jeans that you feel frumpy or awkward in. Cropped jeans aren’t for everyone, but are you are willing to experiment with them; these style tips will help you look fabulous!


Here is some cute cropped jean outfit to inspire you.

Capris - Off the shoulder Top

Rolled Crop Jeans

A cute pair of jeans with a bit of a rolled cuff worn with this pinstripe off-the-shoulder blouse makes these neat and tidy capris look polished and preppy. Off the shoulder, pinstripe tops have been one of the sellers of the summer. I like this particular top because it looks like a man’s business dress shirt with the buttons up the front, but the off-the-shoulder detail makes it kind of sexy.

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Look Pretty, Be Mysterious on Valentine’s Day

The famous Hollywood costume designer Edith Head once said: “A dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to prove you’re a lady.” That’s especially true as we age when too tight, too short, or too much skin can make a woman over 40 look downright desperate.  It’s always nice to have a little mystery.

Deborah Boland White cableknit peplum top

My Valentine’s Day outfit is a good example of this. This year, I’m in the mood for pants. I want to wear something casual, lady-like, and a little bit sexy.

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Can You Wear Colored Jeans After 40?

Hi Deborah!

I  love your website and want to know if colored jeans are appropriate for a 50-something woman?

colored jeans Michelle Obama
Colored Jeans for women over 40 – Modern and appropriate!

Bright, skinny jeans seem hard to wear unless you’re a size 2.  I love color, but I’m not sure if colored jeans scream I’m desperately clinging to youth or if they look chic and current? Can I wear colored jeans, and how do I pull off this look? Thanks! Trish ………..

Hi Trish,

If you want to wear colored jeans, go for them! Many women our age assume they’re just for young, skinny models when they can look great on women 40+. Colored jeans add a touch of fun to your wardrobe and make you look sporty, relaxed, and modern.

To wear colored jeans well, you need to: 1) find a pair that suits your body type, 2) know how to style them 3) own the look! Let’s dive in. Continue reading “Can You Wear Colored Jeans After 40?”

Fashion bloggers over 40

Colored Jeans for Women Over 40 ~ Street Style

If you like a colorful punch in your wardrobe, then these photos will inspire you. Take a look at how these Instagrammers have embraced the colored jeans trend.


Red jeans are still going strong, and Carmen wears her beautifully with a black and white fringed jacket, striped t-shirt and sneakers. Classy and sporty all wrapped into one.



Anna is a  50+ blogger and interior stylist from the former USSR who nows lives in Australia who is looking fab in this gorgeous combo of plum and navy.



Hello, Yellow! Susanne from Austria looks sunny and sporty in a pair of banana yellow jeans that fit her to a Tee!

the ageofgrace-coloredjeans




Eugenia is a sixty-something style blogger and a Fabulous Afer 40 Styleblazer who balances her fire engine red jeans with soft camel and gray neutrals.


Elisa from  Montreal, 51 yr old affordable chic vlogger who shows us a very classic and sophisticated way to get in on the trend.



Georgette is plus size blogger who aims to show other plus size women that they age or size has nothing to do with style. Check out my full interview with this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.


Celia is all about fitness, fashion, and fun at fifty+ which is why fire engine red jeans are a great choice for her.


Greet from Belgium is an Image Stylist and Color Connoisseur whose fashion message to the world seems to be, “Go Bold or Go Home.” Definitely a fashion forward look.



Jose takes a pair of stop sign red jeans and put a Burberry twist on them in this classic plaid sweater, bag, and coat. The red gloves are a nice touch!

red jeans dorrie senior style bible

At 80+ Dorrie from Las Vegas sure knows how to rock red jeans!


Did you know chambray is one those things that goes with everything including red jeans? Terri has the right idea!

Do you like colored jeans? How do you wear them?

I’m always on the lookout for Stylish women to feature. Be sure to include the #fabulousafter40  HASHTAG to your Instagram posts so I can find you easily!