Beauty Booster: Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm

I was lucky enough to be blessed with good skin, and thanks to my mom, who encouraged me at an early age to take special care of it, I have never gone to bed with my makeup on, ever!  What do I use to wash my face before I drift off to sleep? Over the years, I’ve used a few different things, but there’s one product that has recently become a huge favorite, and I’m dying to tell you about it because I consider it a true Fabulous After 40 Beauty Booster!

It’s called Radiant Cleansing Balm, and it’s by Colleen Rothschild.


First, a little background on the brand. I was first introduced to the Colleen Rothschild skincare line at the Rewardstyle blogger conference two years ago. It’s a fairly new brand started by a smart, gorgeous woman, Colleen Rothschild, who spent 20 years in the cosmetic industry helping develop and manufacture skincare products until she finally decided to go out and start her high-performance line. Continue reading “Beauty Booster: Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm”


What To Do About Oily Skin When You Are Over 40

Dear Deborah,

I have oily skin, and no matter what I use, my face gets shiny within an hour. I feel like I look dirty. What can I use to keep the shine off?

Thanks, Azee

I asked beauty blogger, Deborah Chase, from No-Nonsense Beauty to answer this question.

Aveeno clear complexion bar, a soap fortified with salicylic acid
Soap fortified with salicylic acid

Deb Chase: Rather than looking for the ultimate oil-resistant make-up, I’d love to see you get a handle on the underlying problem.  A complexion’s “dirty” look is due to a build-up of stale oil and dead skin cells that stick together on the surface of the skin.  Start by cleansing your skin with a soap fortified with salicylic acid like Aveeno Clear Complexion Bar.

This widely used ingredient was born to take off the top layer of dead skin cells that make the complexion look muddy. As a bonus, sal acid slows down over-excited oil glands.  The result?  A smoother, brighter, less oily skin. Continue reading “What To Do About Oily Skin When You Are Over 40”