10 Major Fashion Trends for Fall 2018 And Ways Women 40, 50 & 60 Can Wear Them

Fall is just around the corner, and so is the new crop of fall fashions that are landing in the stores. Here is a look at the latest trends to freshen up your wardrobe this autumn and how to wear them when you are a mature fashionista.

1. Animal Prints

Animal Print Clothes |10 Major Fashion Trends for Fall 2018 And Ways Women 40, 50 & 60 Can Wear Them | Styled by Fabulous After 40

Animal prints have always been around, but this fall, they are the king of the fashion jungle.  If you have always adored them, you are going to be in animal print heaven, and if you have only watched from afar, you will be tempted to give animal prints a try this fall. Continue reading “10 Major Fashion Trends for Fall 2018 And Ways Women 40, 50 & 60 Can Wear Them”


2017 Top Ten Fall Fashion Trends

Feeling like a kid in a candy store watching all the new fall trends rollout? There’s plenty of fabulous styles for us 40+ gals to choose from, but the trick is in knowing which ones are right for you and how to wear them.

Here’s a look at what’s in stores now and what to buy to tweak your chic.

Red Trend Fall 2017

1. Rev Up the Red

Red symbolizes passion, strength, and vibrancy. It’s poised to be the #1 color this fall, judging by what the designers showed during Fashion Week, Fall 2017. If you love red clothing and feel confident in it, go ahead and wear it from head to toe. A red monochromatic outfit sends a confident, classy message.

Prefer wearing this powerful color in smaller doses? Consider a red sweater, shoes, or a go-with-everything red bag to add some excitement to a fall outfit. Go for it!  Continue reading “2017 Top Ten Fall Fashion Trends”


Oxblood – 3 Ways You Choose

oxblood red
Who would have thought Oxblood red would look so striking blue?

It’s not red, It’s not brown, but somewhere in between. Oxblood is so popular this fall you could call it the new neutral.

Oxblood Red
Michelle Obama in an Oxblood Red Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2013

Interestingly enough this new hue’s gory name has nothing to do with bloody cows, as one might think! (LOL)  I was surprised to read that the word Oxblood is short for oxygenated blood – blood which when exposed to air, turns this deep dark shade of red. (Just a little style trivia for you, Glam Gals!)


We saw it last fall, and it’s back, bigger and bolder. Designers like L’Wren Scott, Jasper Conran, and Christopher Kane just to name a few showcased this sultry color in their collections.
Continue reading “Oxblood – 3 Ways You Choose”


Confused About Casual Fashion For Women Over 40? Winner #3 Gets It Right!

In our “Pin It To Win It” contest we invited readers to unleash their creative side by designing polyvores of casual fashion for women over 40 that captured  Spring 2013 fashion trends.* We are counting down daily until we get to the Grand Prize winner who will win a pair of fabulous Fabrizio Gianni Jeans. But for today, meet winner #3!

Winner #3 Breezy Spring Days by Barbara Gillespie

 Casual Fashion For Women Over 40
Casual Fashion For Women Over 40

Enjoy this fun, relaxed outfit you can wear on  weekends when comfort and style are your main focus! Continue reading “Confused About Casual Fashion For Women Over 40? Winner #3 Gets It Right!”