The Pink Floral Shift Dress That Almost Wasn’t!

If you read my post on the RewardStyle conference, you probably got a glimpse of me in a pretty pink floral shift dress.

pink floral shift dress 3

Today I thought I’d give you a closer look at it tell you a funny little behind the scenes story that goes along with it.

pink floral shift dress 9

Knowing how to dress for a special event is hard enough, but imagine trying to figure out what to wear when you are going to be at a cocktail party with 200 top fashion bloggers! I always say you can never go wrong with a pretty floral dress, so this year that is what I decided on. Problem solved! ….. or so I thought.

pink floral shift dress 10

Have you ever been so busy getting ready to go away that you shopped for your trip outfit at the last moment?  That’s what happened to me, two nights before I was supposed to leave for Dallas,  but I did end up getting a great dress for the rewardStyle cocktail party!

As I packed my pretty, floral shift dress into my suitcase,  I felt good! My dress had such a pretty print, and the pink was stunning. I loved the cute shift style, and the flowy bell sleeves felt so feminine and fun.  I couldn’t wait to wear it. In fact, I had even arranged for a professional photographer to come shoot me in the dress the morning after I arrived.

pink floral shift dress 2The evening I got in I was laying out my clothes for my big 8 am shoot when my hand brushed over a big plastic security sensor tag bolted onto my dress. Yikes!!  How could this have happened and how was I going to get that big, stupid thing off by shoot time?

pink floral shift dress 6

My first thought was, Could the hotel remove it or give me plyers to remove it, and would the tag, when cut off, spray ink everywhere? It seemed like a smaller tag than usual. Maybe it was just a tag that buzzed?

The only way to find out was to phone home to the store where I bought it in Canada- The Hudson’s Bay, but with the time change, it was already late, and the Toronto store was closed! So I decided to call the west coast- the Vancouver Bay and, after being transferred several times, talked to a saleswoman who wasn’t sure but believed it was not full of ink.

pink floral shift dress 7

I contacted the hotel’s front desk around 9 pm, and the hotel clerk graciously offered to have security remove the tag, saying they would send it right back up when they were done. But after an hour and then a call to them, and another hour and a call to them, I still did not have my dress. Why were they stalling?

Finally, at 11 pm I told the clerk I had to know what was going on because I had paid a photographer to come and photograph me in the dress at 8 am. That’s when he nervously told me he had good news and bad news. The security guard had managed to yank off the sensor, but in his eagerness to do so, he ripped my dress!!

Now, thank goodness, I’m a calm person. What was I to do? The worse thing would be, I’d have to cancel the photographer, lose some money and then I’d have to run out before the party and buy another dress.

pink floral shift dress 1

Fortunately, it did not come to that. The hotel offered to try to sew it as best they could and gave me $100 off my room for ripping the dress.   They also said they found a cleaning woman who knew how to sew and was going get her to try to fix it, as the tear was fairly close to the seam.

Luckily when the dress came back, it wasn’t too bad. They had hand-stitched it up pretty good. It didn’t really show. I would just need to have it fixed for good with a sewing machine when I got home.

pink floral shift dress 5The next morning I did my shoot and here are the photos, but this was almost the dress that wasn’t!

So you see the things we bloggers go through? Believe me; it is not as glamorous as it looks. Ripped dress, changing in cars, bad weather, you name it. Things happen.

pink floral shift dress 4

I just wanted to make mention of a couple of other things that pull this look together: the Kate Spade bag– not a stark white, it has a hint of pink and that fab chain strap! And look at those darling pink suede scalloped pumps. Check out the heel height- perfection.

I plan to wear this dress on Mother’s Day, and it will be great for any other special occasion that comes up this summer. It’s as pretty as it is practical and a good price too!

Here’s the link for this long sleeve floral shift dress, so you can shop it yourself.

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3 thoughts on “The Pink Floral Shift Dress That Almost Wasn’t!

    1. Hi Kathy, The print does look slightly different but it is the same dress/brand.
      Perhaps they just changed the material slightly? I swear I saw this dress around last summer too. Maybe it was so popular they brought it back?

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