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10 Tools to Transform your Nightmare Closet into a Tidy Jewel Box

It’s time to eliminate the biggest obstacle to looking fabulous after 40…..your messy closet!

messy closet

The New Year is the perfect time to get your dysfunctional closet refreshed, reorganized, and re-appointed with the right things to make getting dressed and looking fabulous a snap. Here are the handy closet organizational items to help transform your nightmare closet into a tiny jewel box.

1. Velvet Hangers

These thin velvet-coated hangers are the real deal. They are thin, so they don’t take up much room, but fabric clings to them so that clothes won’t fall off.  However, make sure to have some plastic hangers in there too. They are good for items that you want to pull on and off the hanger quickly, like sweatshirts or anything that doesn’t have a zipper or buttons.

2. Clear shoe boxes to store scarves

Scarves are the most frustrating items to have in your closet. How to store them varies, depending on your closet situation.  I have found that using clear stackable plastic shoe boxes is really one of the best tricks out there. Just fold your scarves in half and roll them up. You will have easy access to them, and every time you go to wear one, you won’t miss the rest up.

3. Plastic Boot Shapers

You know those things you put in your tall boots to keep them looking fresh? Yes, you need to have these cedar boot shapers! They really are good at keeping your boots standing straight up and neat like little soldiers, instead of flopped over like wilted flowers on the floor.


4. Belt Hangers

Your belts should all be in one place and sorted through. If you have belt “overload,” you are not alone. This is the time to sort through them and toss the ones you are not using. Have you “saved” an old belt that came with an outfit, an outfit that you have long since thrown out?  Toss the belt.

Do you have belts that look dated, or are the buckles rusted? When in doubt, toss it out! What’s leftover should be hung on a belt rack.  If there are still too many belts, toss again until the belt hook is full, but not too full!

5. Shoe Racks

Are your shoes lined up at the bottom of your closet? Then it would help if you had a shoe rack. You will be shocked at how wonderful this little piece of plastic or metal can make your life. If you are lucky enough to have shelves in your closet, then if you have any extra “shoe run off,” make sure you get some shoe racks too!

You can hang them on your door or use them on the floor. Either way, you will never be searching for the other shoe again!


6. Plastic Bins

If you have a “spacially” challenged closet and need to free up some room, there is nothing better than a plastic bin to take out seasonal items and store them under a bed or in an attic. Plastic bins are a lifesaver to free up room for shoes and sweaters.

For instance, now that it’s winter, put all your summer sandals in a bin.  When it’s summer, store your sweaters and heavy boots. Wait until plastic bins go on sale then, snap them up, fill ‘er up, and put them away until needed.


7. Shelf dividers

Shelf dividers really keep things nice, neat, and organized on the shelves. You can keep purses divided and hats and sweaters, too.


8. Hooks

Do you have any hooks in your closet? Put up a few, and see the difference. Hang your robe on it or a sunhat.  If you are wasting your wall space, fill it up with hooks and get creative. One reader told me she put up a corkboard in her closet and used to hang up her necklaces.

9. Full-Length Mirror

If you have the back of a door or any place for a full-length mirror, make sure you have one!! This is the best item on this list for you to own. It’s a MUST HAVE.  Before leaving the house, make sure your outfit looks harmonious and has no tags showing, no panty lines, etc. My cardinal rule: Never leave the house without first checking your outfit in a full-length mirror!


10. Baskets

Use storage baskets to hold shoes, jewelry, accessories, workout clothes, PJs, and more. You can throw a ton of things in baskets without making your space look cluttered. Plus, they look pretty too.

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  1. Please share your tips for storing purses? I have so many and find it hard to see what I have on hand, since most are stored in a closet which I call an “avalanche.”

    Thank you

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