Why Red is Trending this Fall

red trend fall 2017Designers are seeing Red this Fall with the arrival of many new styles in this bold and exciting color. Here’s a look at what red communicates and ways to wear some chic, new red pieces.


Red is Powerful

Whether you are wearing it for work or just for fun, red is a powerful color. This gorgeous cherry red blouse is proof of that.

Although the style is soft and feminine, this red blouse projects assertiveness and power. It’s a great color if you want to show who’s in charge or making a presentation.

However, because red is aggressive, you will want to avoid wearing it to a business meeting or function if your position is controversial.


Red is Exciting

As you’ve been learning, color has a psychological effect on how we feel and make others think. Red is the color that makes people feel most excited. ( Why do you think they wave a red flag in front of a bull?)

A red bootie, a red bag, or a flash of any other red accessory worn with basic black or gray will give you and others an adrenaline rush.


Red Gives Energy

Red is a color that is full of life. Wear it, and you’ll look instantly more awake and energized and confident ( and you’ll probably feel more that way too).

To balance out all that energy, choose accessories in neutral tones. Beige suede booties, a pair of your favorite jeans, and a warm navy purse help settle the red and make you look wow!


Red is Sexy

Red is the symbol of love, romance, and Valentine’s Day. No wonder it’s the number one color to wear when trying to attract the opposite sex. These stunning red slouchy booties are right on trend and are HOT, HOT, HOT!

If you want to sizzle, these are the way to go this fall! A long slit side turtleneck tunic with leggings and a cool studded bag adds to the sexy vibes.

So how about you? Will you wear red this fall, or does the thought of wearing this bright color make you a nervous wreck? I’d love to know. I’m a huge red fan, and this clear cherry red is one of my best colors. I need a good shot of red in the fall to perk me up.


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6 thoughts on “Why Red is Trending this Fall

    1. Hi Sand, I’m a massive fan of red too, and I am always so surprised how many women are afraid of it. Just call me the Lady in Red. It makes me feel alive and confident!

  1. I love the first look and have everything in my wardrobe already. I just never thought to put them together. I also bought a lovely slouchy red sweater at Talbot recently. I will wear it with fleece leggings when winter comes.

    1. Hi Wanda, Glad to hear you are a red lover. As I mentioned in another comment, a lot of women fear red. They don’t want to be noticed, and red does announce. Too bad because there are so many shades of red and I find red to enhance women in general. Your Talbot sweater with leggings sounds like it will look really nice!

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