4 Trendy Summer Bags & Outfits They Inspire

If you are trying to put together a cute summer outfit and need a little inspiration, why not start with a handbag and work from there?

pink summer bag

I found this ladylike ice pink bag from Kate Spade and was inspired to create a soft ice cream cone-colored summer look. I love the soft pink mixed with baby blue and white. Pastels are always so light and dreamy in the summer.

Here are five other trendy summer bags and the outfits they inspire.

summer bags - Green

1. Bucket Bag

Bucket bags have been trending for a while, but for some reason, I’ve never felt the urge to own one until now. The color, the style, and the details on this beautiful Coach bucket bag are just so chic!

I believe every woman needs an essential black bag, but I always like my second bag to be a real statement piece, and this one fits the bill. This fern shade is very sophisticated and unique, and I love that it looks as great in summer as it will in the fall and winter.

The gorgeous whipstitch adds a sporty touch, and those zigzag tassels are fun! This bag feels cute and sophisticated at the same time, which is my kind of combination.

I’ve focused on three colors to create an outfit – fern, black and white. I found a floral blouse in a similar olive/fern color, which went well with the bag. Then I  paired it with these edgy black jeans ( black is another color on the top) to make the top pop.

Next, I added white woven mules, which are trendy at the moment – white because it is also another main color on the top, although, for a more conservative look, you could go with black.

Finally, I love how the feminine floral blouse softens the look of these more masculine raw-edge jeans and adds a modern, hip touch.

summer bags- Straw

2. Woven Circle Bag

Have you bought a straw circle bag yet? It’s not too late. They are still going strong and add a ton of style to a casual summer outfit. I thought this rainbow circle bag was cool and slightly different from most with that exciting handle.

Put your hand over the bag for a moment, look at the outfit, and then look at the bag again with the dress. Doesn’t the bag make a huge difference to this outfit? It just goes to show you the power of accessories!

Not to say that this isn’t a cute dress on its own…Sometimes you want something loose and comfy, and this dress is perfect for the heat. This washed denim linen fabric gives it a relaxed summer vibe, and with the sandals, earrings, and bag, it is a darling outfit for going out or taking with you on vacation.

summer bags - Pink

3. Color Block Satchel

Even if you are not in the market for a new bag, this one is worth a second look. Like the bucket bag I showed you, this modern handbag is also from Coach, and all I can say is, Wow – didn’t they do an excellent job with color this summer?

This two-tone pink and white color combo makes me want to pick up this bag, swing it around and take it out for a test drive. The color blocking, and mainly the burgundy with the pink, feels so fresh. Ladylike satchels are boxy and can feel formal,  but the mix of these colors and this handy crossbody strap give this cute bag a more relaxed look and feel.

I think it’s perfect with the white pants and this delicate white floral blouse. Can you see the pink flowers on the top? The bag draws out the colors on the top and vice versa.

Also, think about the mood of these pieces – a delicate, sweet floral top and a bold, confident color block bag. This contrast in these pieces makes the outfit attractive and modern.

summer bags - Black quilted back pack

4. Quilted Mini Backpack

Backpack purses are another kind of bag I’m seeing more and more women carry, but I notice the small size is much more popular. I get that. Some of the big ones feel too utilitarian. I thought this one was quite charming. It’s from Tory Burch, and it’s a quilted style with a gold chain inspired by a classic Chanel bag. Chanel meets backpack would be a good name for it! (Lol)

There’s something dolly about this bag that I like, but if it were in any other color, I don’t know if I’d go for it since it might be too cutesy. The black adds sophistication. Still, it is a backpack purse, so I would wear it with something casual like this camo skirt and black blouse.

Everyone is wearing sneakers this summer ( I live in them), and these are just nice and classic and don’t take away from the busy skirt and bag. Gold earrings help to highlight that classy gold chain on the bag.

summer bag - quilted Tory Burch

5. Polished Patchwork Tote

This fabulous tote is a statement bag for sure! It’s just so different, and the statement it seems to be making with the quilted leather is crafty, homey, and summery. I think this sweet Tory Burch bag pairs well with something soft and natural like this cute eyelet off-the-shoulder top, pink Bermuda shorts, and these canvas and rope wedges.

This is for anyone who loves a soft, feminine look with a touch of romance.

Have you seen a bag that inspires you? If not, I have more to choose from that are all new and fabulous. Treat Yourself!

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