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Fashion Tricks to Hide Your Nipples

Hi Deb,

Recently, I had to re-do a 15-year-old breast augmentation that had implants.  At 38 I decided I wanted new breasts and a tummy tuck; back then I had no idea the breasts had a life span and so last month I went in to re-do them unwillingly.  However, they came out fantastic.

nipples under t-shirt


Help me: I have a jersey knit top I just bought that I ‘want’ to wear bra-less to feel finally the glorious effects of a set of new breasts.  The problem is my nipples protrude and since I had never had this problem before as I rarely ever went bra-less what do I do?

Is there a ‘celebrity’ thing that they do to fix this problem?  I know I used to use the duck tape method, but that doesn’t work for all things, especially with a jersey-type material.

Thanks, N.S.

Hi there N.S,

Many women have this problem even if they have not had their breasts enhanced, and it can be a tricky problem for sure!  Anytime you want to wear a thin fabric that clings, you want to make sure you are not showing off any bumps or lumps.

Here are a few tips to help with “smoothing” things out!

Wearing a lightweight camisole like this one from Yummy Tummy is a great solution to keeping things looking youthful!
Black Camisole
Say “yes” to the breasts!
Those protruding nipples will be history when you apply these easy-to-use nipple covers (Bring it Up)
Bring It Up - Nipple Covers
Ah, Natural…!
If you want to go without a bra but your boobs are not what they used to be, try using these clear tapes. They do work!
Bring It Up - Instant Breast Lifts
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7 thoughts on “Fashion Tricks to Hide Your Nipples

  1. Ms. LB Wilson – You need to use imagination: those of us who have had breast reconstruction following mastectomies often don’t fit the “normal” bras. Going braless is our solution, and pasties make that possible.

  2. Pasties are the single best option. Some say band-aids do a great job, but I find them uncomfortable. Pasties, too, can be irritating when worn in the summer when the sun is hot, and you tend to sweat.

  3. As a 17-year-old using this advice, I don’t personally mind if an older lady would like to feel sexy once in a while. Sometimes ladies want to do something free. To the commenter “LB,” Shaming people for it doesn’t help them; it’s better to either put helpful comments or not comment.

  4. Have to agree with LB. Even at 38, I would never have contemplated going braless. Even if the puppies are now perkier, how about the little flower-shaped nipple covers with just a lightweight bra? Even if the nipples are disguised, there will still be a fair amount of ‘bounce’ when one goes braless. Maybe small breasts can get away with the braless look but breasts that have been augmented or are just large naturally look ‘classier’ with proper underwear. Nobody wants to look like Pamela Anderson, do they?

  5. WHY does a middle-aged woman want to run around bra-less? While it can be acceptable in young women, it is easy for Are you trying to see if men more youthful than your son will flirt with you?

    Looking and feeling attractive is excellent for all of us, but let’s not, as the British say, “..act like mutton trying to be lambs.”

    1. Hi LB… some women have protruding nipples that you can see even through a bra. These covers work great for those ladies! As for going braless…if it is done tastefully, you might not even know they are braless. However, if you can tell, then you are right… not a good look for us over 40 gals or anyone for that matter!

      1. Yes, Deborah, I’m hitting the big 4-0 this year, and I still like going braless. As you said, the keyword is tasteful.

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