Trying A New Hair Color And Style? Yes, It Can Affect The Way You Dress!

Cut short into a tailored bob

Have you ever felt tired of your hairstyle? It’s good to change your hair from time to time to keep you looking modern and fresh. But you should also consider how a new hairstyle will affect the way you dress.

For example, I noticed with a friend that when her hair was long and loose she look great in things that were a little funky. Since she had it cut short into a tailored Bob she looks better in sporty and more classic clothes.

Your hairstyle is your greatest accessory and affects how you dress.  That’s why when old fashion styles that we wore 20 years ago come around they do not look right on us if our hair is now different.

Does your hairstyle fit with the way you like to dress? Let’s discuss this one, comment below:


Shirley Williams fabulous after 40 reader
Check out this Age-Mazing gal! Shirley Williams (age 66). She says her secret is having kids! Her youngest daughter is 33 years old!

I wanted to share with you that one of my newest F40 fans, Shirley Williams took this photo at the David Morgan Hair Studio, in Miramar Beach, Florida.

Thanks, Shirley, you are so adorable and full of joy and energy!



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6 thoughts on “Trying A New Hair Color And Style? Yes, It Can Affect The Way You Dress!

  1. As far as dressing with short hair versus longer hair, I actually think that depending on the cut, short hair comes off as fresher and more youthful. I therefore think it’s easier to really play up hip and funky looks and even very elegant looks. Long hair can look good with any kind of outfit, but it doesn’t showcase “style” in the same way that short hair does.

  2. It’s a funny thing with hair. I keep going in circles. Once I have it long I cut it short again. Now I am in the growing cycle…. Using a brazilian blowout makes my hair a lot more manageable… Going against the trend but sofar I like it and I will keep on growing it for a while longer…

  3. I agree that hair is an important part of style. I spent the last year growing my hair to below shoulder length. At the end, it just didn’t fit my lifestyle or sense of who I am. I’m going back to short, not because of my age, but because it is easy and it makes me feel great. I once read that how a woman wears her hair is the truest expression of how well she knows herself. I’m a short hair girl.

  4. Yes definitely agree the longer my hair grows the more exposure my inner bohemian gets. Compulsory short hair for women over 40 is a crock.

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