Update Your Jeans for Fall – 3 Now Looks!

Jeans may be a gal’s best friend in the evenings, on weekends and sometimes at the office but that doesn’t mean you should take them for granted! (You shouldn’t take your real best friend for granted either BTW!) Just because something is a staple doesn’t mean it doesn’t evolve and wearing jeans in styles that are out-of-date is one of the biggest and frumpiest mistakes I see women over 40 make.

This fall I’ve seen a real evolution when it comes to denim jeans. The good news is that these changes are gorgeous and very wearable for an over-40 gal. Here are some of my favorite ideas on how to update your jeans for fall.

embroidered fall jeans

1.   Embroidered Jeans

Embroidery has been a big trend all this year, and we’re seeing it continue into fall on everything from tops to boots to jeans. Personally, I love the look. It is youthful, without being too young, and fresh. These skinny jeans with floral embroidery are a great example. Wear them with a longer cardigan like the cozy red one I’ve chosen here.

See how it picks up the color in the embroidery? I really like these taupe booties and coordinating pink bag. The soft pink picks up the color in the embroidery on the jeans and gives an unexpected lift that is a little more interesting than basic black.

raw hem fall jeans cheetah flats

2.   Step Hem Jeans

Step-hem jeans are typically hemmed at a shorter length in the front as compared to the back and are a modern way to show off your footwear. Often, like the ones here, they’ll have a raw hem. I’ve balanced these on-trend jeans with a classic sweater, bag and cute loafer mules, all of which are both classy and stylish.

I really love this outfit because it hits the sweet-spot between dressing too young and too old. This is 100% just right.

wo Tone Fall Jeans Black Sweater

3.   Two-Tone Jeans

Of all the new jean looks out there, this one is the most fashion-forward, but over-40 gals can definitely wear it well. I’ve chosen these gray girlfriend jeans by NYDJ. Not only do they have a bit of stretch to keep them super comfortable, the black on the back half helps to create a minimizing rear view. I’ve paired them with a black sweater and booties.

While both simple, the tie-sleeves on the sweater and pointy-toe on the booties add a touch of drama that mimics the drama of the two-toned jeans. The bag adds a nice but not over-the-top pop of color.

What are your thoughts on where jeans are going? Are you on team ‘tried-and-true’ or are you excited about some of these trendier options?

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8 thoughts on “Update Your Jeans for Fall – 3 Now Looks!

  1. When Skinny jeans came back it took me some time to warm up to them; now I pretty much live in them; work, play or just kicking back! And I must admit I love my ripped jeans; I especially like to pair them with a dressy top or sweater. I think this adds polish to the shabby jeans and it satisfies my love of combining opposites. I shy away from torn hems however, or anything too of-the-moment trendy. I’m so glad I found your blog, thank you!


    1. Hi Julie,
      Glad you dropped by to comment. It’s funny isn’t it. Often times we have to ease into looks but once we do we are hooked. I have had that happen to me too. So glad you are enjoying skinny jeans and it sounds like you are pairing them perfectly!

  2. I have a pair of seven distressed skinny jeans I bought in the Spring & have worn to death. They are distressed but not too and fit wonderful. I have skinny, straight, bootcut, , flared crop ones, and embroidered ones. I love them all.
    Sometimes you just gotta try. I am small and have trouble finding clothes so try on a lot. The jeans to get the most length out of when you are petite are the slim bootcut I think. With a heel or invisible heel stuck in a flatter boot your legs can go on for miles . I have 2 pair from Old Navy (shopping with my daughter) in dark rinse that I love. Straight cut from Banana Republic are my 2nd favorite. The embroidered ones are too cute too & love those too. Have fun with your jean shopping! Chico’s here is supposed to have petites in the store this month so will be stopping in there soon. :)

  3. I can’t bring myself to pay for jeans with torn hems. They may be in right now, but it seems more “trend” than true “style”. I’m interested in style – it lasts longer! My fall update has been moving to a straighter leg jean over the ubiquitous skinnies. I’m beginning to see that a lot more now, especially in some of the UK and European sources. I think it’s a “style” that will be around for a while, rather than a trend. For me, that’s the key to looking pulled together. The single-season, trendy stuff is for the young ones!

    1. Hi Paula, I’m with you, Mick and Marie on the ripped jeans. I have never been able to get into them, although so many women love them. We’re all different so I like to show a few ripped jeans choices for those gals who are drawn to that style, but for me, I feel messy in torn clothes. As I always say, you have to wear what you feel good in no matter what the trend. If you are not authentic in your style you will be miserable and look unhappy and not feel confident, so it’s fine if we aren’t ripped jeans gals. There are so many choices these days. And to the gals who love them, great, go for it!

  4. I was into embroidered jeans in the 70’s and I am well over that and the ”distressed’ tattered jeans look. I think all of these accessories would look polished with a simple dark denim and still be fun.

  5. I really like the embroidery on jeans, sweaters and bags….really pretty. the jeans with the rips and tears are just not my thing.
    I’ve tried to come around, but they’re just not my thing. :)
    Enjoy all your posts!
    Happy weekend to you,