Color Tricks to Look Slim {VIDEO}

Black isn’t the only color that makes you look thin.  Here are a couple of color tricks that prove any color can be slimming if you wear it the right way.

1) Try Monochromatic Dressing

A great dressing trick to look long and lean and that is to wear one color from head to toe.  This is called monochromatic dressing.  Wearing all one color top to toe creates an uninterrupted vertical line that draws the eye up and down and makes you appear taller and thinner.  Monochromatic dressing is also a very elegant way to dress.

If you think all one color might be boring, there are many ways to add interest. For example, by varying the color slightly from head to toe, or mixing textures you can create more dimension.

2) Create a Slimming Column of Color

Sometimes you want to wear more than one color. How can you still look slim? Let me tell you about a great Hollywood trick called the column of color.

color blocking

All you do is wear one color from top to bottom preferably in a dark color, because dark colors recede and make you look smaller.  Then you add a bright jacket, sweater or coat up top and you wear it open to expose your slimming stretch of color.

The contrast between the bright or light on top, and the dark underneath creates the illusion that you are taller and slimmer than you really are.

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