Tips on How To Wear Colored Jeans Over 40 – {VIDEO}

Colored jeans are here to stay and a great way to look Fabulous After 40.

colored jeans

How do you wear colored jeans so you look classy and not clownish? I have some tips.

Deborah BolandDeborah: I love colored jeans and think they are  modern and fun, but I know many of you gals in your 40’s and 50’s are hesitant to try them because you are worried they are going to make you look fat. Let’s be honest.

Yes, bright colors do draw attention, but there are things you can do to balance that.

Tip #1: The Style of  Jeans is More Important than the Color when it comes to Looking Slim.

Generous hips and thighs? Wear your skinny jeans with a long top or try a full length colored jeans with a slight flare to balance you out instead.

Curvaceous Hourglass? To fit your curves  choose a medium rise jean with a lot of stretch.  They can be skinny or boot cut ( small flare) to balance curvy hips. Wide leg trousers jeans also work.

Broad Shouldered Inverted Triangle?You are bigger up top than on your narrow bottom half. Your best bet are jeans that are mildly tapered to the knee and then have a slight flare at the bottom can give you more of an hourglass shape.

Rectangle? Your boyish figure lets you wear skinny jeans with lots of pocket and endless detail.

When you have the right fitting jeans  for your body, any color works


Tip #2: Wear a Neutral Color on Top.

If you want to tone down bright jeans, pair them with a neutral colored top or fitted jacket. By neutral I mean: white, cream, gray, black, taupe, brown…any color that cools things down a bit. A solid color works or a neutral pattern is good too. For example, orange jeans + a brown or black boyfriend blazer calms things down. Cobalt blue pants with a gray blouse softens the look. A camel shirt with red jeans looks chic, not clownish.

Tip #3:  Don’t Over Accessorize.

Finally keep accessories simple and tasteful. You already have those pants commanding a lot of attention. Don’t overdo it with tons of jewelry, wild shoes and loud accents that scream “look at me, look at me!” Keep things classic with a burst of color – your cool new colored jeans.

For more great tips on how to look stylish after 40, pick up a copy of Color Me Fabulous: the Colors You Need to Wear to Look Age-Amazing!


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3 thoughts on “Tips on How To Wear Colored Jeans Over 40 – {VIDEO}

  1. I wear colorful jeans all the time. And yes a neutral top or jacket is important. I’m sixty soon and always want to look my best.