Budget Shopping Tips For Fabulous Style {VIDEO}

How can you be budget conscious and still dress stylish when you’re over 40?

shopping on a budget

I have a few tips.


Deborah BolandDeborah: Some women just have the knack of looking pulled together and chic when ever they step out the door.  But believe it or not, you don’t need a huge budget and closet to look this way.
Here are 4 quick shopping tips to help you build a fabulous wardrobe without breaking the bank.

1)  Shop With a List 

You wouldn’t go to the grocery store without a grocery list or at least some idea of what you needed. The same needs to apply to buying clothes.

You have to take inventory, make a list and then shop with purpose. If you are not clear and focused you are going to end up buying on impulse and you’ll end up with a closet full of clothes that looked great at the time but never wear.

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2) Hands off the Sale Rack! 

Nine times out of ten when you are determined to buy something on sale you are falling in love with the price and not the item. It feels great to get a deal, but you need to ask yourself, would I buy this at full price if it were not on sale? If your answer is no, then put it back on the rack. Otherwise you are just settling or will forever be trying to justify the purchase of something you don’t really love. Do you really need a unique neon green studded belt,  or  another boring classic white shirt?

3) Shop Alone

I don’t mean to be antisocial but it’s best to shop alone. Take a friend and it’s easy to get sidetracked and spend money buying something that is more her style than yours. If you feel like you need some guidance ask about a personal shopper Most large department stores offer this free service and once a shopper gets to know you they can be your best friend alerting you to upcoming deals and specials.

4) Only Buy What You Love

Finally, if you don’t love, love, love it, put it back. I always say if you only like it you will hate it in a month. Don’t waste your money on clothes you are not nuts about. This is how you can build a wardrobe with things you love and adore.

For more tips like these on how to save money, check out my money saving  e-book:  Chic on the Cheap the Chic: How to Build a Wow Wardrobe on a Budget.

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