Fashion bloggers over 40

What Over 40 Styleblazers Wore

What do they wear and why do they wear it? Get the scoop from 40+ bloggers who are part of my Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer series. I’ve interviewed dozens of 40 and 50+ bloggers to bring you advice and inspiration. Here of four of my most recently featured bloggers:

Fashion blogger for women
Fashion blogger for women

Lisa is a British blogger who strikes an excellent balance between looking elegant but not boring on her aptly named blog, The Sequinist. (top middle)

Judith, who has an eye for style and a passion for hats, shares her original, vintage-inspired looks on her blog Style Crone. (top right)

Sherry, like Judith, leans into vintage fashion. The Seattle-based writer enjoys experimenting with fashions from decades past and assembling looks that inspire and awe on her blog Petite Over 40. (bottom)

Be sure to read their inspiring Styleblazer features and others. Here are the links to more Over 40 Fashion Bloggers I have profiled as part of this series.

Look Who Is A Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer


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