Take The What Kind of Shopper are You Quiz

When you shop for clothes, do you know exactly what you want to buy or do you wander aimlessly until you see the first cute thing on the rack? Have you ever stopped to think about your shopping habits? Most of us are completely unaware of our shopping habits. We’ve most likely never thought about how we shop or even why we shop.

Your style isn’t simply defined by your personality; it can be defined by your attitude and strategy towards shopping.

  • Does a trip to the mall excite you or fill you with dread?
  • Are you a label addict or brand-conscious?
  • Do you shop for pleasure or for function?
  • Do you need to have every must-have trend or do you stick with classic styles?
  • How much money do you spend on fashion? Do you stick to a budget or buy whatever suits you?

Every thought you have about shopping shapes your habits towards it. Discovering what kind of shopper you are and what kind of shopping habits you have will give you the power to make smart choices about your lifestyle and fashion choices.

So are you ready to discover what kind of shopper you are? Take THE QUIZ to become a smarter shopper now.


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