After Work Cocktails – Here’s What to Wear

You’ve got to go work, and there is important business to be done, but after the office closes you may want to head out to catch up with a few of your favorite girlfriends for dinner (and perhaps a cocktail or two). It can be tricky trying to choose an outfit that transitions well from day to night, but here’s an idea to help you out.

This is a dress that is perfect for the office, but it can be dressed up and worn in the evening too. Let’s break it down and see what changes need to be made to transition this dress.

The Style: A classic sheath like this is polished and professional, but fitted enough to be a little sexy for evening. The keyhole neckline adds a hint of allure. This is a good canvas to build on.

The Color: Navy is authoritative and business-like in for a work environment. It’s also a great color for after hours because, like black, it is sophisticated and sexy when accessorized the right way.

The Shoes: Sensible, chunky heeled pumps work by day, At night just switch out the shoes for strappy high heels and you get a different feel.

The Earrings: Conservative studs are appropriate fro work, but when it’s time to hit the bar and have fun, bring out the dangly waterfall earrings. Toss your hair, swing your head and let those sexy earrings fly.

The Arm Candy: By day all you need is a watch and maybe a bracelet or two, but once 5:00 rolls around build on that with several sexy bangle bracelets and make some noise!

The Bag: A bigger tote with power and status is what you need if you are the boss lady. At night when it’s time for fun and flirting, bring out a cute little bag with a feminine touch like the gold chain over the shoulder handbag with the chic bow.



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Here’s another dress would be good for work with a day bag and stud earrings. Changing your accessories makes a big difference.  It’s that easy!

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  1. I love the outfits that are put together in the Fabulous Over 40 articles but I don’t see any links as to where to purchase some of these items. Is there a way to tell us where the different pieces came from? The pieces in “After Work Cocktails” are especially appealing?

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