What to Wear With Grey Skinny Jeans: 5 Great Outfits

I’ve covered how to pull off an Equestrian look with skinny brown jeans in my skinny jeans series, pairing your skinny jeans with a leather jacket and skinny jeans with a cozy sweater.

Today I’m sharing 5 ideas for what to wear with grey skinny jeans.

1. Grey Jeans with Pastels

Grey is a cool, neutral, and balanced color and can create a subtle, sophisticated look. This is especially true when you combine it with soft pastels,  like this light peach off-the-shoulder sweater. Soft pink and soft blue also compliments grey jeans, and of course, white is always super fresh.

2. Grey Jeans with Black

A blacktop with grey jeans is an obvious choice. Try grey jeans with a black top to amp up your look.

gray jeans and red-plaid-poncho

3. Grey Jeans with Red or Burgundy

Add a vibrant pop of Bordeaux or wine red to these Snakeskin Gray Gray jeans. Grey is conservative, while the red adds a touch of excitement.

Grey Jeans with Flames at hem |Summer Jeans with a Little Something Extra | Fabulous After 40

4. Grey on Grey

A monochromatic look of grey on grey can be quiet and elegant. It is also very slimming.

Boucle - Gray Scarf with purple sweater and jeans

5. Grey Jeans with Purple

Purple looks excellent with grey jeans from light to dark. I like the look of dark grey jeans and a dark purple sweater with light grey accessories.

How do you wear your grey jeans?

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