What’s Hot For Fall When You’re Over 40, 50?

Style Me Fabulous – 15 Fall Trends and How to Wear them Well has just wrapped up. I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for looking great this season. I’ve sifted through a lot of the items I featured and styling options. Here are my top picks, with links back to the original post in case you missed anything along the way.

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1. Plaid –This fall classic tartan plaids are being reimagined, so they are fresh, feminine and fun. Today’s plaids are all about modern shapes, new fabrics, and brighter colors.

2.  Western Look – Unleash your inner cowgirl this fall with snakeskin booties, fringe bags, cowboy booties, and prairie dresses. The key to pulling off this look with style is to avoid over-doing it by mixing classic pieces with the western trends.

3.  Fall Florals – Just as you would expect from fall, this season’s florals are dark and moody. But they are anything but boring. The latest trend in florals is bringing us tops with feminine cuts, skirts with a modern edge, and dresses that pop.

4.  Ruching – If you need to a little nip and tuck here or there, then ruching is the trend for you. Ruching is fabric that is gathered in a repeat pattern at a certain point in a garment. It’s most common on tops and dresses and creates visual interest, plus helps conceal those bits that we’d rather keep hidden away.

5.  Leopard – It’s time to take a walk on the wild side in one of fall’s hottest prints: leopard This is a very powerful print that can take a turn for the worst quickly. It can be sexy, professional, and fun, but you need to make your statement.

6. Leather Skirts – If you think you’re too old to wear leather, it’s time to change your mentality. This fall we’re seeing a wide variety of classy leather and faux leather skirts for grown-up gals in a wide variety of rich colors and more modest lengths, dispelling that myth that leather is tough and too edgy.

7. Polka Dots – Polka dots can feel juvenile, but this fall there are some very sophisticated and modern polka dot pieces that are designed specifically with mature fashionistas in mind. The key to looking grown-up in polka dots is to choose pieces that create a shapely, grown-up silhouette.

8. Backpacks – From high school hallways to high fashion runways, backpacks have become fall’s hottest accessory. To keep your look on the chic side, choose a backpack made from luxurious fabrics, have high-end details, and go less cutesy and more chic.

9. Faux Fur – At one time, fur was the ultimate status symbol. But those days are long gone. Today’s faux furs are realistic looking cruelty-free. Don’t get stuck in a time warp, hop on the faux fur trend this fall.

10. Shearling – Today’s shearlings are modern and streamlined. Gone are the days of big, bulky jackets with no shape. Now it comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and textures from rustic to really cool.

11.   Bodysuits – What comes around goes around in fashion, and  bodysuits have come around again. This popular look from the 80s is back and updated in a big way with a sleek and sexy makeover.

12.  Bouclé – When we think of bouclé, we generally think of a rich texture due to the way the yarn is looped. This fall, bouclé is taking off, and there are all sorts of cozy styles in scarves, jackets, and sweaters.

13.  High Shine – This season, the more shine, the better! You want to go big with fabrics that sparkle and twinkle. From sequins to satin to metallics, the high shine look is in.

14.  Red –Red is one of fall’s most exciting colors. It’s bright and warm with hints of orange, like flickering flames in a fireplace. Red is a very versatile color. It works with denim, black, and looks especially sexy when paired with leopard print.

And finally, my favorite Fab Fall trend:

15.  Swingy Fit and Flare Midis – I love the romantic and feminine dresses out this Fall. They feel new and different, and they are great for holiday time!


Fit and Flare Midi dress - Green


Well, that’s it for me with this year’s Fall Trend Series. How about you? Which trends are you going to say ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’ to?

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15 thoughts on “What’s Hot For Fall When You’re Over 40, 50?

  1. I am 74 but still have wear a size 6.Clothes are my weakness and I really enjoy your articles which keep me up to date on the latest fashions.I have bought some scarves and belts and would like some pointers on how to wear them and also some ways to arrange or tie the scarves.

    Because my posture is good and I`m still a size 6 I pass for being younger than I am but it`s a fine line trying to dress well but not to young.Your articles help me do that!

    Barbara Pennington

    PS I have shared your articles and website with several friends who really enjoy it to.

  2. Thanks ladies,

    What helpful advice. I will keep you posted with shopping finds. I would like to know if you ladies would suggest some stores, for us gals on budget. I’m liking Old Navy they have some awesome animal print cardigans this season, that’s just to name one store, if you have any online suggestions I’ll take those to.

    Stay looking Fab!!!!!

    Jerzy Girl

  3. I love your suggestions but would like to see you use over-45 models to illustrate over-45 fashions! What’s the point of showing us 20-somethings in the latest fashions?

  4. Deb, what’s up with jeans shape this year? I’m tall and slim (ish), but sort of pear shaped. Have liked my Chico’s slim jeans this past year (surprisingly) but feel like I’m seeing a lot of flare legs this fall.


  5. As usual,you are so right. I bought a beautiful orange jacket, but it never felt right with my usual black pants. Now I see it will look amazing with tan pants. Thanks again.

  6. I am seeing a lot of animal prints, bright colors, ruffles, and grey being a strong neutral. Skinny jeans are still in and the flare leg jean, which is wider than the bootcut, so can be very flattering, as long as it’s thin through the thigh and has a nice break at the knee. Dark washes are popular, but also jeans with flattering shading and wiskering at the hips and knees. The drapey look is a huge trend as well.

    1. HI Marianne,
      Yes you are so right! That one trend of jeans that have the “whiskering” at the hips and knees is one that we really don’t care for too much. It has been out there for several years and is really for the younger set. However your tips are right on the money! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Mindy,
      I love all the bright colors for fall for all ages!! Be careful that you don’t try to pair a black top with the orange pants, it will look too Halloween. Better to go with a cream or brown.

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