Fashion Designer Sigrid Olsen’s Yoga/Art Retreats

If you’re over 40, chances are you’ve bought at least one item of clothing from designer Sigrid Olsen.

Sigrid Olsen at work


Sigrid started her career as an artist and morphed onto the fashion scene 30 years ago, heading up her name-brand clothing empire. She designed for “real” women and is best known for her fabulous color and artistic print design. Bright colors and simple, classic designs became her trademark.

However, in 2008, that all changed. With the economy sinking, Sigrid left her business to start fresh. “My company had become so large that I did not get to do what I loved to do, which is creatively based. “I ended up just being the head of my company and doing meetings all day. I had lost touch with my roots and doing my passion, which is art… I am much happier now.”


Sigrid Olsen Fashion designer


So what does that “now” look like? Not to be one to sit still, Sigrid, found Yoga soon after her “retirement” and now runs her Yoga/Art Fusion retreats all over the world. A self-professed “doer” Sigrid Olsen is living her passion, and thanks to her creativity, we can now bring a piece of her colorful world into ours!

A cute story… Back in around 2003 after having two babies two years apart, she was feeling slightly frumpy. I went to Florida and discovered Sigrid Olsen in Burdines and bought a ton of her bright, fun clothes. I was so thrilled with the cheerful peach and robin’s egg blue clothes that I  even emailed Sigrid to tell her how happy her clothes made me feel, and what a perfect fit they were.

Her retreats look lovely, and I would love to attend one someday and experience her creative genius firsthand.

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5 thoughts on “Fashion Designer Sigrid Olsen’s Yoga/Art Retreats

  1. Dear Ms. Olsen,
    I need more of your pants. They are SOOO comfortable and wear so well. Please come baaaaaaaack! Really. Pretty please?

    1. Hi Gail, I was a big Sigrid Olsen fan and I know what you mean about her pants. I had white and pale blue capris that fit me like a glove. It’s hard to find good pants. Hope you are listening, Sigrid! Cheers, Deborah

  2. Dear Sigrid, I discovered your clothing line around 2004. I am an attorney, currently 64, and need you very much., Your designs were the only clothing that I had to wear to Court after I developed the “woman’s body’ I still wear your fashions” I have had breast augmentation, liposuction, and nature. Now I have about a size 6 or fewer hips, a size 10 or 12 waist, and about a size 14 top. I still wear your fashions and they look great.
    Please do not desert us. Please tell me that you are designing fashions on a smaller scale. I have about 8 suits and the detail is exceptional, especially in the knit tops. 6 of the suits are a wonderful collection of wool with the most fabulous detail. I have only 2 cotton, summer suits and I live in Houston. I need you!

    Desperate in Houston
    Joan Schweppe
    Attorney at Law

  3. Love, love Sigrid clothes!! Still have closets full of them. But please start designing again under new label?? I would love new wardrobe :) a big fan!!!!!

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