5 Work From Home Outfits

The holidays are over, it’s time to get back to work, but you may not be totally into it. What can you wear if you work from home to feel comfy, cozy, and motivated to get back to business?

Here are 5 different types of work from home outfits to help get you off the couch and onto the computer this winter.


Dressing up working from home - Red Wrap Blouse, black pants



Work from Home Outfit – Skype Call Day

If you’ve set some business goals for 2020, you probably have a few important Skype calls on your schedule. Keep in mind; you’ll feel more confident and look more professional if you put a bit of thought into what you’ll wear.

Your clients are probably not expecting you to skype them from your home office in a formal suit, but a casually elegant business look will impress. Dressing up working from home for important meetings will also put you in the right mindset to speak with confidence and authority. What we wear really does affect how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. 

This sophisticated burgundy outfit above is an excellent example of what to wear for a business Skype call. The Anne Klein wrap top is sleek and chic and has executive style. It ties gracefully at the waist and is stretchy, so it fits to flatter. Pair it with a pair of thick Ponte leggings and comfy ballet flats, and you are just about ready to go. By adding a touch of quality gold or silver jewelry, your business look is complete.Work From Home Outfit - Pink Sweater Wrap , black leggings, pink moccasins


Work from Home Outfit – I’d Rather Be in Sweats 

I exercise in the mornings, and some days, especially the days I know I will not be going out of the house, I have to talk myself into changing out of my workout clothes and into ” real clothes” before I step into my home office.  If you can relate, then know that there are some days when it’s fine to give yourself a break and wear something kind of in-between.

Leggings are lovely when you work at home because they let you move and feel so darn good. So, on those days when you just want to chill, why not wear a pair of leggings with a big cozy cardigan?

This soft, feminine wrap-style cardigan makes you want to cozy up to your computer with a coffee and sort through your email. It’s soft, warm, and cozy, but it’s also got a lot of style. It’s so much better than a big old sweatshirt, or worse, your PJs!

Work From Home Outfit - Gray Tie Front Top, white jeans, embroidered sneakers


Work From Home Outfit –  I have Errands to do Later

Many days I’m on the computer, out to the grocery store, back on the computer, out driving my daughter to her workout, etc. etc. I’m hopping in and out of my home office to run errands, and so an outfit like this is perfect.

This classic sweater looks pretty basic, but the sassy side knot makes it feel modern and cool. I’ve paired this top with white jeans and the cutest embroidered sneakers. It’s a  great outfit for gals who live in moderate to warmer climates.

If you live up North, then you may want to switch the jeans out for blue, black, or colored jeans and wear cute booties instead. ( Nothing wrong with white jeans in winter anywhere, but to be honest I never see  them in winter in the Northeast  – old habits never die).

Work From Home Outfit- Wine Cardigan sweaterdress, scarf, taupe suede booties

Work From Home Outfit – I’m Sick of Wearing Pants!

Pants, pants, pants. Sometimes I get so sick of wearing them, even though I’m just sitting behind my desk at home. On these days, a nice sweater dress with tights and a pair of slippers feels great. If I have to pop out later in the day, I just slip on a pair of elegant suede booties and a bit of jewelry or a scarf, and I look perfectly pulled together.

I love the look of this burgundy ribbed sweater dress, which buttons up the front like a boyfriend cardigan. It’s casual, classy, and a little bit different from all the sweaterdress turtlenecks we usually see this time of year.

Work From Home Outfit- Layered sweater, colored jeans, mules

Work from Home Outfit – I Want to feel Pretty ( but Comfy)

Do you ever get those days where you want to feel pretty, but you don’t want to wear anything too fancy or fluffy?  Here’s a top that combines pretty with pretty darn comfy!

This sweet sweater has an interesting layered look — It’s a soft, creamy white sweater with a feminine floral hem sewn onto the bottom. This is a lovely top to wear with colored jeans when you feel like wearing something slightly more romantic and check out the back because there is a sweet surprise

Keep these chic studded mules by your desk for when you need to nip out and pick up some more printer toner. (Mine is always running out!)

I hope this post has given you the motivation to get dressed and get going! Do you have ideas for what to wear when you work from home? Send me a photo of your casual at-home business look!

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5 thoughts on “5 Work From Home Outfits

  1. I enjoyed your article, reading about the white jeans for winter, i thought id mention why i think you don’t tend to see them up north. In the winter (where I live in Canada at least) there are frequent days where the roads and sidewalks are covered in dirty slush, melting snow and runoff. When you walk this slush will fly off the back of the boot or shoe and splash the back of your calf, leaving greyish black spots all over the leg of the pant. It may or may not wash out, but even if it will, you still have these spots all over your pants when you get where you are going. They are far less noticeable on darker colours.

    1. Hi Debbie, Did you know I live in Toronto? I hear you about the white pants and yes, that’s a good reason not to wear them, but I must admit there is something burned into my brain since childhood that white after Labor Day looks funny. I would say that with the way our seasons are going we could easily extend the September deadline into October.And again, there is no rule, but personally once October comes here in Toronto I am in the mood for darker colors. To each his own. Cheers, Deb

  2. White pants or white coats do not fare well when you brush against the car in winter, especially on a slushy day. Besides, all that white is blinding, and reminds us of snow! Old habits can be good habits based on practicality.

  3. I love these casually chic outfits. The embroidered sneakers make comfortable footwear look stylish enough to wear to work.

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