10 Tips To Look Stylish Working from Home

You may have replaced that stressful morning commute to the office with working from home. But that’s no excuse to stay in your pj’s or sweatpants all day long. A sloppy appearance equals a sloppy attitude and a poor work ethic.  Here are 7 ways to Look Stylish Working from Home.

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1. Don’t Let Comfy Mean Frumpy

Yes, it’s true that Pj’s and sweats are comfy, and you may not see anyone the entire day, but not getting dressed for work can affect your productivity.  When you look professional, you feel more professional, and it shows in your bottom line.

It’s perfectly fine to dress casually and comfortably when you work from home, but it’s important to also important to look appropriate. In other words, when working from home, you should dress stylishly pulled together and well-groomed, not like a frumpy mess.

2. Stay Tuned Into Fashion

When you are not out and about with others, it’s easy to forget about style.  But you don’t want to go out for a coffee meeting and realize you’ve been stuck in your house for so long; you look trapped in a fashion time warp. Even though you are dressing casually try to incorporate a touch of the latest trends, such as a popular neckline, sleeve, or accessory. When you look dated, people think your ideas are dated.

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3. Set a Style Budget

Setting aside a certain amount of your work-at-home wardrobe budget is a great idea because it assures that you take dressing for work seriously.  Reserve your work-at-home wardrobe for working only, so it feels special.

work from home outfit

4. Punch up Your Wardrobe with Color

Working at home can be lonely, and it’s easy to get into a dreary rut by wearing dull colors. Lift your spirits, and feel more confident, creative, and productive in a bright color print, or multi-color print.

work from home outfit

5. Pay Attention to the Waist Up

With Skype and Zoom calls getting so much more popular, you are guaranteed to be showing up on someone’s computer screen for a meeting. You might be wearing jeans and slippers, and that’s o.k. But from the waist up try and look a little special. Think about colors, necklines, and styles that are most flattering on camera. Avoid prints or tops with a lot of detail or embellishment on those days when you’ve planned a video conference.

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6.  Have A Jacket Handy

The quickest way to come across as authoritative is to throw on a jacket. It doesn’t have to be a formal suit jacket,  but a casual blazer or relaxed jacket will automatically up your boss’s power.

7. Allow Yourself a Casual Friday Outfit

Pick any day-most time it’s Friday and consider it your Casual Dress-Down day. This is the day when you are paying the bills, cleaning your inbox, and getting ready for the weekend.  Permit yourself to wear a workout outfit — but not just any old one. Casual but coordinated is the key.

work from home outfit

8. Make Time for Hair and Make-up

When you look good, you feel good. It also makes a difference in how you interact with others, even if it’s just over the phone or computer. While it’s tempting to throw your hair up in a ponytail and forget the make-up, after days and days of this, you are going to look and feel like someone you don’t even know.

A little blush, lipstick, and some mascara (it only takes 4 minutes) are all you need to freshen yourself up and look fabulous.  As for the hair, if it’s just too much hassle, then consider that a sign that you need a brand new cut that works better for your at-home lifestyle.

9.  Keep a Pair of Chic Shoes By Your Desk

You probably won’t be wearing shoes in your home office, but what if you have to step out? There’s nothing like ruining your credibility by showing up to meet a client in a pair of dirty tennis shoes. Keep a classy pair of chic flats or low-heeled shoes by your side to slip on at a moment’s notice.

10. Extend your Style Beyond Your Outfit

Style is not just about the way you dress. It’s about the way you live your life. So surround yourself with beautiful things like modern home office accessories, flowers, and a beautiful view or piece of art to reflect on during the day.

In summary, It’s the details of your work-from-home style that make the difference and show others that you truly are professional and not a rinky-dink business person running a half-baked business out of your basement. Respect yourself by looking like the business professional you are.

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3 thoughts on “10 Tips To Look Stylish Working from Home

  1. Glad that you are inspired! Looks like you write about what marriage is like in middle age, one thing is for sure If you want your spouse to keep looking at you, make sure that you have not stopped trying to look good.
    It might sound old-fashioned, but it works!

  2. Yikes, you caught me sitting here in my sweats and uggs!

    Being able to work in comfy clothes is one of my success measures, but you remind me that I should make an effort to be stylish as well. And, since I’m already at the computer, a little online shopping is a breeze.

    Great outfits! Thanks,


  3. Just found your blog–very lovely! I have been working at home for most of the past 15 years, and I have avoided the whole stay-in-pajamas rut, thank goodness.
    I’ll be back : )

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