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Fabulous after 40 is a free online Fashion and Beauty magazine and social media community that publishes rich content on a daily basis to help women 40, 50 and beyond to look Stylish and feel Confident.

With over 100,00 Visitors a month and  27,000+ members,  Deborah Boland  has created THE place to be for women seeking style advice, beauty news, trend information, shopping sources, exclusive deals, and personal connection with other like-minded fashionistas.

At Fabulous after 40 members are highly engaged with Deborah and her guest experts making them credible sources of information to women 40, 50 and beyond want to look and feel their best.

At Fabulous after 40 members, connect, learn, share information, and make an impact.

By partnering with various brands and organizations, Fabulous after 40 provides their community with in-the-know information through:

Deborah BolandHow Fabulous After 40 Began

Fabulous after 40 began in 2007 when Deborah Boland, a former Executive TV Producer and Host became frustrated with dressing over 40. 

“I realized that dressing after 40 is challenging! Your body is changing, your lifestyle is shifting gears, and stylish images of women “our age” are nowhere to be found. It’s easy to fall off the style track and start feeling invisible. If you’ve always loved fashion and prided yourself on your appearance, this can be pretty depressing!”

Right then and there, Deborah declared that “Life is too short to be Frumpy” and made it her mission come to the rescue by creating an 40+ online magazine and community that provides up to the minute style advice, inspiration, and resources all delivered with a fun dose of humor.

“I hear you when you say you don’t want to look like your teenage daughter, but you don’t want to look like an old lady either and that’s why Fabulous After 40 is here to support you, cheer you on and show you how to look classy, modern, and age appropriate…what I have nicknamed Age-Amazing™, or amazing for your age! I like to say I help you Tweak Your Chic® so you look and feel FABULOUS.”

You can trust  Deborah as “the right choice” because  she has over 20 years of television, fashion and PR experience. As a Leading Style Expert for women over 40, and host of Fabulous after 40, Deborah can help you look dress more chic and feel better about yourself and how you present to the world!

The result? You’ll turn heads and radiate class and confidence which can help you be successful in all areas of your life.

I can’t wait to help you look Fabulous no matter what your age!

The Fabulous after 40 community is the perfect gathering place for women—both on and offline.

Fabulous after 40 organizes online and offline events, including blog tours and blogger outreach as well as live style events in key cities, and online style webinars.

These experience-driven marketing events provide valuable exposure to participating partners. Similarly, the integration of online and offline events heightens the community’s influence by creating a natural channel for women to personally interact ,change their lives and  the world around them.

Join the Fabulous after 40 Community

“I’m thrilled to invite you become a member of our dynamic community!” — Deborah

Members of the Fabulous after 40 community join for support, fun and friendship—you know, the girlfriend interaction women crave—but leave with so much more … feeling strengthened, uplifted, excited, confident and with empowered to change their not just the way they dress, but the way they live their lives as a vibrant mature woman or influencers.

Join the Fabulous after 40 community in the following ways:

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Fabulous after 40 works with brands that align with the Fabulous after 40 Mission. Brands add tremendous value to the Fabulous after 40 community.

Brands are invited to participate in the following ways:

      • Provide giveaways, offering products that benefit community members.
      • Join the weekly Twitter/Facebook parties by providing expert panelists that can share knowledge and tips on the week’s Twitter/Facebook topic.
      • Offer downloadable e-coupons for products that benefit community members.
      • Provide product or services at live events, conferences, fundraisers, etc.
      • Sponsor a feature contest or blog post contest
      • Partner on social media campaigns, including, blog tours and blogger outreach, off-site events, etc.

Companies and organizations Fabulous after 40 has worked with include:

Aveeno, P & G , Motorola, Karen Kane, TJ Max, Naturalizer, NYDJ, Conair, Yuko Hair, Fabrizzio Gianni, Foxcroft, Slimpressions, Hold Your Haunches, More magazine, Strivectin, People Style Watch, Marie Bruns Jewelry, and Dobbin Clothing, InStyle Magazine, Karina Dresses, Fabrizio Gianni, People Stylewatch, Roen Chen.

If you are interested in sponsorship information and opportunities, please refer to our sponsorship opportunities page or contact us.