Casual Fashion Looks I Wore this Summer

How do you dress casually but look fashionable too? Here’s a roundup of a few cute looks taken straight from my Instagram this summer.

v neck pink dress

Easy Breezy Summer Dress

A feminine silhouette and a stunning geranium color make this cute sundress perfect for my relaxed lifestyle. Chunky sandals with gold studs add a touch of glam. You can see more of this dress in this feature post.


Lace Knit Jacket

How many times have you wished you had a cute little jacket to go overtop of a tank top and jeans. This lace knit top by Picadilly Canada is perfect for breezy summer days. Continue reading “Casual Fashion Looks I Wore this Summer”


Almost Spring Street Style – What I Wore

Jan-early spring is a funny weather time, which means dressing is a mixed bag. Here’s a look back at what I was wearing on Instagram the last few months as I headed into the warmer weather.

The pretty pink dress with a graphic print and wrap front from Picadilly Canada was so comfy that I didn’t want to take it off!

Everyone loved this mod Chico ‘s dress that was made for fun in the Sun. I wore this a lot in Florida at March break.

In March, I had a blast traveling down to Los Angeles to be a part of a very special Chico’s shoot. Here’s me on set at our staged picnic!

I was off to the rewardStyle blogger conference in April and managed to get some shopping in before everyone arrived.

A few weeks ago, fringe was on my mind when I snapped this photo of this cute boho-inspired top, and sleek black cropped pants.

It was freezing outside the day we shot this cute vacation outfit from Picadilly, so we went indoors to Holland Garden Gallery and looked at the beautiful glass I found.

I changed outfits for shoot # 2 and look at the gorgeous flowers I found. Looks great with my pretty Eileen Fisher sweater.

I like the idea of the Athleisure look, but I don’t want to look sloppy, so this Michael Kors outfit was a good compromise.

The smell of all the beautiful flowers got me excited about spring. Soon the warm weather will be here, and this cute striped Rag and Bone off the shoulder will be perfect for summer!

Have a great week!



Colored Lace Dresses ~ What I Wore

Lace dresses in a rainbow of playful colors have been going strong for a couple of seasons now.  Here a look at some 40+ Fashionistas who look fabulous in theirs.

lavender lace dress


Barbi, a Southern blonde flirting with 50, looks lovely in a short lace dress in lavender. The length is perfect for her petite stature and the fit and flare does a great job showing off her tiny waist. Cute sandals ( you can barely see them) dress down this dress a bit for summer parties. Continue reading “Colored Lace Dresses ~ What I Wore”


How to Dress Casual but Stylish Over 40 {VIDEO}

Wondering how to dress for your relaxed lifestyle without looking like a frump?

Watch this video to learn 3 ways to dress casual, but classy after 40.

Deborah Boland

Deborah: Maybe you realize it’s time to trade in the yoga pants or faded jeans and loose t-shirt that you’ve schlep around in for something else. But what do you replace them with?
Continue reading “How to Dress Casual but Stylish Over 40 {VIDEO}”


Casual Dressing: Readers Share Their Favorite Looks

Casual Dressing means relaxed but it doesn’t have to mean frumpy. Take a look at these cute casual outfits that are favorites with my Fabulous After 40 readers.

casual jeans and a top


Casual for a Concert

It can be tricky to know what to wear to a concert. Most concerts are casual occasions, but you still want to look nice. One way to tackle what to wear is to combine elements of casual and dressy clothes.

Fifty-five year old Maria  from San Diego, California strikes a cord in this cute outfit that pairs dark wash jeans with a frilly blouse.

The frills give the blouse a dressy feel, while the short sleeves and jeans keep it more casual. Don’t you love those pointy toed pumps? They’re a fun surprise that makes her outfit pop.




Jeans and a Blazer

Barbi’s office allows “casual Fridays”, so on those days Barbi stays on target by wearing a pair of colored denim pants and a blazer to pull her look together. She looks comfy and relaxed, but the jacket helps send the message, that she means business.


blue brustroke top


Classic Blue Jeans and a Pretty Top

For 48-year-old Patrizia from Italy blue jeans are her definition of casual dressing. Here she dresses them up with a top that has an abstract print – a hot trend right now.  Partrizia writes, “I have a straight-banana body shape with not much waist definition. I feel very comfortable in this outfit, casual but still feminine, it gives the illusion of a more curvy figure, or at least that I do have hips!”

If you are struggling to dress your rectangular-shaped body just as Patrizia does, you can find tips on creating curves in my post, “5 Tips for Dressing if Your Body Has a Rectangle Shape”.

purple sweater

 Jeans and a Layered Sweater

Jeans look modern if you wear them with a bright top layered over a shirt. Tracy, 49, from Oakland, California demonstrates the look, worn here with a pair of cute wedge booties. Great for the weekend!

artsy clothesWide Leg Pants

Not everyone is big on jeans. Ela, the owner of the fashion boutique Delacor Studio, prefers something more creative. She has paired an asymmetrical top with flowy pants and huge sculptured earrings to create a casual, fashion-forward look.

headscarfOpaque Stocking instead of Pants

Swatika, from Indonesia, is a modest dresser who prefers coverage from head to toe. Here she is in a veil, or hijab as it is known in Indonesia, and a dress. Instead of pants she has opted for opaque tights and cute booties. Her black leather motorcycle jacket puts a hip edge on this traditional look.


Leggings and  a Tunic

Here’s a casual look that is very popular- leggings and a tunic. Joy Anna Wadsworth gets this right by tastefully covering her bottom and upper thighs. Love the gladiator sandals.


Leggings and a Dress

Leggings or skinny jeans paired with a dress is another casual look that women love. When I posted a  photo of Margaret Ann Whalen on my facebook page everyone thought she looked darling.


Leggings and a Flowy Top

Here’s a similar outfit. Leslie Bonner made this beautiful long top. Looking fabulous after 40 and so talented too.

how-to-wear-a-trench-coat-over-40Casual Dress Pants

Sue has teamed up a pair of navy, flared-leg trousers and a polka dot top with a tangerine trench coat. That color combo is right on trend at the moment. Looking sporty Sue!tunic-and-leggings

Loving those Leggings!

More leggings from Linda! She has paired a tunic with leggings and then added her own personal touch – a unique belt and statement necklace for a relaxed, casual look. This outfit really shows off your personality Linda!

For tips on what to wear with leggings, check out 7 Ways to Tastefully Wear Leggings and Legging Fashion Tips for Women Over 40.



Flattering Pants That Hide Your Midlife Tummy

When you look at this pair of pants where does your eye go?

pants over 40





Avoid Pants with Waist Detail

The tummy bow on the pants add bulk and draw the eye to the tummy. Naturally these models don’t have an ounce of fat. But if you are a real woman over 40 you’re bound to have some midlife bulge at your stomach and the details on these garments are going to draw the eye right to your trouble spot!  flatfront pants over 40So here’s what you do if you have a big tummy and don’t want people to look at it.

Don’t emphasize it with belts,buckles, bows, pleats, pockets etc in that area.

Instead, wear flat front pants with wider waistbands to hold the tummy in and no detail.

If you Tuck Out

If you tuck out wear a long top like this that gently flows over your tummy to cover up your jelly belly.

If you want to have a focal point make it up by your face by wearing a top with a pretty neckline or some jewelry or some embellishment on the top up high.

This way you are playing up where you want them to look ( your face) and downplaying where you don’t want them to look ( your men-o-pot).

tops for over 40tops pver 40

Great Trick!


10 Tips To Look Stylish Working from Home

You may have replaced that stressful morning commute to the office with working from home. But that’s no excuse to stay in your pj’s or sweatpants all day long. A sloppy appearance equals a sloppy attitude and a poor work ethic.  Here are 7 ways to Look Stylish Working from Home.

working from home

1. Don’t Let Comfy Mean Frumpy

Yes, it’s true that Pj’s and sweats are comfy, and you may not see any one the entire day, but not getting dressed for work can affect your productivity.  When you look professional, you feel more professional, and it shows in your bottom line.

It’s perfectly fine to dress casually and comfortably when you work from home, but it’s important to also important to look appropriate. In other words, when working from home, you should dress stylishly pulled together and well-groomed, not like a frumpy mess.

2. Stay Tuned Into Fashion

When you are not out and about with others, it’s easy to forget about style.  But you don’t want to go out for a coffee meeting and realize you’ve been stuck in your house for so long; you look trapped in a fashion time warp. Even though you are dressing casually try to incorporate a touch of the latest trends, such a popular neckline, sleeve or accessory. When you look dated, people think your ideas are dated.

work from home style

3. Set a Style Budget

Setting aside a certain amount of your work at home wardrobe budget is a great idea because it assures that you take dressing for work seriously.  Reserve your work at home wardrobe for working only, so it feels special. Continue reading “10 Tips To Look Stylish Working from Home”