What to Wear to a Labor Day Party or BBQ

Fire up the BBQ because Labor Day is here, and it’s time for one last outdoor party! What are you be wearing as you say goodbye to summer?  Here are a few ideas for what to wear to a Labor Day BBQ.

Labor Day Party - Maxi

What to Wear to a  BBQ Party – A Maxi

If you’ve never worn a maxi, don’t let the summer pass without trying one.

I had a friend over who was raving about maxi dresses. She hadn’t worn one in years but had recently bought one. When I asked her why she loved her maxi dress so much, I expected her to say it was because it covered her legs, or because it was comfy. But instead, she said it was because her maxi made her feel like a movie star! I had to laugh because I know what she means. I have a maxi dress that I like to wear when I’m entertaining during the summer by the pool. Every time I put it on, I feel rather glam, even though the dress is pretty casual, and we’re just outside having a burger.

There’s something about swishing around in a maxi dress, wearing breezy sandals and big, oversized sunglasses that make you feel very Hollywood.



What to Wear to a BBQ- Capris /Cropped Pants

Here’s a way to dress up your Capris if you are visiting friends on the long weekend. All you need to do is add a cute off the shoulder top.  This pretty white one with the delicate embroidery makes it a beautiful piece.

Suede studded slides are very “now” and will go with everything else in your wardrobe too. Dangly earrings go with the relaxed,  laid-back feel. Now that’s a cute outfit!

What to wear on Labor Day


BBQ Outfit Idea –  Shorts

Round off the summer in these sporty olive cargo shorts and this pretty dark floral top. Dark florals are trending for fall, so this top is a great transition piece. Nude slides and your favorite white summer bag bring a lightness to the look. In fall, pair this pretty top with black jeans and accessories for a completely different look.


Labor Day Party - Striped Top


What to Wear to a BBQ – White Pants and Bright Top

You can never go wrong with a crisp pair of white jeans. Pair them with a colorful striped top and some fabulous slides for a cheery, end of summer look.

This is a great tee to invest in because the colors are light and bright enough for summer, but also warm enough for fall. Layer this tee with a long cardigan or cute jacket +  these white jeans, colored jeans or your favorite blue jeans in September. No white after Labor Day is an old rule. Would you agree?

What will you be wearing Labor Day weekend, and how are you planning to enjoy your last weekend of the summer? 

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11 thoughts on “What to Wear to a Labor Day Party or BBQ

  1. I think white works at any time of year (so says InStyle magazine, anyway.) No white after Labor day is kind of an ancient rule that went out with matching your purse and shoes. I think it just depends how you wear the color as to whether it’s appropriate or not.

  2. I live WAY up North and I have been reading that the “no white after Labour Day” rule no longer applies here either. I’ve seen white pants, skirts, and tops on so many fashion blogs sporting the new winter look. You can take your summer whites and just add a boot or jacket/sweater and look just as fresh for winter as you did in summer! I love that. Extending my wardrobe a bit longer that is. ; )

  3. I LOVE white pants. They are my go-to when I want to look nice, but not overdressed. And I agree, a pop of color makes the outfit. Do I wear white after Labor Day? Absolutely! I’m a California girl and the White After Labor Day Rule doesn’t apply here.

  4. Charlene and all(… regarding colorful shoes,)
    I think bright shoes can still be paired with a white jeans/colored top combo. The above example is casual, and one great approach. Consider, though, a more polished approach to white jeans. Maybe bright, solid color, pointy-pumps with a matching color or contrasting color silky top. Color blocking! With bright color taking center stage, minimalist jewelry and a neutral bag or clutch could be smashing.
    And, I intend to wear winter whites way past Labor day. Took me a while to figure out that when “winter white” was mentioned by fashion sources, they meant styling context and not a specific color!

  5. I love white jeans, and wear them all summer, and really like neutral shoes for lengthening the leg. Since matching fun colorful shoes with white jeans and colored tops is no longer acceptable, is there any way to use all these great colorful shoes?

  6. I love a white pants outfit head to toe! I have a great pair of lined Ann Taylor cropped white pants. Just wore them out with my hubby to dinner and a jazz concert at a club along with a silk tunic top & dressier sandals (should have taken a picture). Hoping for a chance to wear them again before the summer is over! :)

  7. Love the look! Great choices. And you know, I pretty much have that outfit in my wardrobe already – just never thought to put it together that way. Thanks for the ideas.

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