Top 10 Fall Colors 2023 to Step Up Your Style

Are you ready to start your Fall shopping and want to know what colors to buy? Here are the latest Fall & Winter 2023/24 shades that will be everywhere, according to Pantone, the world predictor of color.


Fall colors 2023Pantone Fall Colors Palette

One of my favorite seasons for fashion is Autumn. I love all those gorgeous earthy tones that make me think of gray skies, falling leaves, and long scenic drives in the October countryside. Every year the traditional Fall palette shifts slightly, becoming a little more muted, or bold, or even adding in an unexpected color.

Fall 2023/Winter 2024 is shaping up to be a Vibrant Autumn! The new colors are a reflection of the current mood of the world. As a result we are seeing colors that signify joy and creativity.

Look for bright, unexpected creative colors and color mixes grounded by rich, quiet luxury neutrals + a couple of “what are you doing there shades?” Take a look below.


fall 2023 color trends pantone

1. Tender Peach (Peach)

A very tender shade shade of peach that invites a soft and easy touch. Think of this as a warm orangey beige.

2. Rose Violet

I adore this stunning rose-tinged fuchsia. This pinky purple has zing and reminds me of a big pink rose that has just bloomed and is alive with color. It also happens to be Patone’s color of the year!



3. Viva Magenta (Burgundy)

Powerful and empowering, Viva Magenta is describe by Pantone as an animated red encouraging experimentation and self-expression. Red, burgundy, its everywhere but will sell out fast! I have seen a lot of gorgeous Magenta dresses.


4. Red Orange (Orange)

Red is super popular this fall so it’s not wonder the orange we’re seeing is more of a heated red orange.  This color is spontaneous and self-assured.

5. Red Dahlia (Brown)

Imposing Red Dahlia is elegance personified. You will see this red-brown everywhere!


6. High Visibility (Yellow)

Exuding the warmth and splendor of the sun, High Visibility is this fall’s version of yellow and expresses joy and good cheer.


7. Persian Jewel (Blue)

Persian Jewel, a noble cooling blue hue inspired by the precious lapis lazuli mineral stone.


8. Carnival Glass ( Green)

Here’s a color that’s a real surprised. Carnival glass is a mentholated green with an icy appearance. It cools and refreshes.


9. Burnt Sienna (Brown)


10. Kohlrabi

Tasty green Kohlrabi adds a dash of piquancy just like the vegetable it is named after. This playful green is unexpected.



New Classic Neutral Colors to Mix with the Fall 2023 Colors

You can tone down the look of these very bright fall colors by pairing them with this season’s classic neutrals. The warm colored neutrals work with the quiet luxury trend. Here’s are this year’s.


1. Eclipse (Blue)

Eclipse is s deep grayish blue that looks and feels incredibly important. This is a great color for when you want to display authority.


2. Coconut Milk (White)

Coconut Milk, a milky white with a hint of gray.


3. Silver Birch (Gray)

An eternal natural metallic gray, Silver Birch stands the test of Silver Burch


4. Hot Fudge (Brown)

Deliciously delectable, Hot Fudge tempts the taste buds. This stunning brown is the new black. It carries the drama and power of black. It has depth and elegance,  but is more unexpected and modern.


5. Doe (Beige)

A tawny and tactile brown, Doe is soft and warm.

How to Wear the New Fall Colors

It’s always a good idea to add at least one or two of these new Fall colors into your wardrobe, but be careful you choose ones that work with your seasonal palette. There is no sense in wearing the latest colors if they look horrible on you.

Remember, you don’t have to wear every “in” color to look fashionable. Sure, you may get lucky one year and find that all the trendy colors may fall within your seasonal palette. But that’s not always the case. You can still wear a seasonal color not in your palette as an accent. It can be the color of your shoe, purse, or jewelry.

An example is of High Visibilty (this year’s yellow) is not your best color, then wear it in print. For instance, you could wear a floral dress that has some of this cheerful yellow it. Your other option is to carry an accessory in yellow, such as a yellow bag.


Here are a few examples of prints that combine these new Fall colors.

fall 2023 color trends printed dresses

Long Sleeve Tiered Dress | Tie-Waist Midi Dress | Floral Smocked Waist Maxi Dress | Abstract Print Satin Midi Dress

And a few more…


What do you think of the new fall colors? Which will you wear and how? I’d love to know.

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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Fall Colors 2023 to Step Up Your Style

  1. Happy Birthday, Debbie!! My favorite is Rose Violet which I have on my toes at the moment. It is such a gorgeous color. I hope you have a wonderful Happy Birthday & have fun on your get away!

  2. Happy Birthday, Debbie.
    All the best for another 62 of “Fabulousness.” Have an excellent R & R.

    Thank you for always bringing the latest fashions and trends to your followers. You are always appreciated.

  3. Good article. I’m in autumn in coloring, so stick to my fall colors. I’ve been seeing a lot of rust in the stores lately. It makes a difference in how you look in the right colors. I used to wonder why I seemed so drab in cool colors like blue. I like cool colors on other people.

  4. I’m not keen on some of them. The pink I would love it if not dusty. Blue & green are good. Samba red is ok. That’s it for my winter/summer coloring, light skin & calm blue eyes. If you know of any petite sites that have beautiful or current trending clothes, would you please share them? I would love to find some. My small selection is getting smaller, and I have to be careful at some of them not to get too young a look, as in Loft, BR, etc.

  5. Thanks for the update! Autumn with green eyes, this is MY season, and I love these colors. I have been surprised to see burnished reds And ‘rust’ colors included in spring fashions, but now I know a couple of spring-like colors in the fall lineup.
    I guess the blurring of the lines only makes our clothes more wearable. Accessories rule and sure help us celebrate our beautiful seasons.
    Everyone makes choices that keep us all safe, even though dressing up is on the back burner.

    1. Hi Debbie, Colors are becoming seasonless, aren’t they? These shades are bright for fall, but it keeps things interesting. I bought a bright orange top thinking it was end-of-season merchandise, only to realize it had just arrived for fall. Same as that lemonade color. It feels like spring and summer, not Autumn. Take care! Deb

  6. I love the article, and the suggested outfits coordinate beautifully, but am I the only one who thinks these colors are dull, greyed mid-tones? ere’s no “pop.” The red is not red but has more brown in it – and not a pretty chestnut. Where are all the lovely, clear jewel tones for fall? Potter’s Clay leather boots or pants, perhaps…

  7. I love this post. The colors for this fall are gorgeous! I love the items of clothing you’ve shown for each color. These, too, are very beautiful. I love fall clothing, and I am excited to re-organize my wardrobe and do a little shopping. I love your website, and this post was one of my favorites.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi Deborah!
    As usual, you never disappoint your readers. The color ideas and the fashions and accessories are indeed fresh and stylish. I can’t wait to add some of these great items to my existing wardrobe.

    Deborah, your site is Fabulous. I love it!

    Best regards to everyone,

    1. Hi Judy, I find the navy is such a refreshing change from black. It’s a little softer against aging skin and, combined with the green, is vibrant. I’ll post some more outfits in this color combo. Cheers! Deborah

  9. I am excited to add more of the blues to my wardrobe and the reds as well. I look best in jewel tones. I like green, but emerald looks better on me. Even though I have a tan from being outside a lot, my skin has cool undertones, and the more dusty colors make me look drab.

    1. Me also. Dusty colors drab me out. I am calm, and the burnished dusty shades don’t work, although they are beautiful! With this pandemic, my wardrobe is headed downhill as I have to shop online and need more shops for Petites.

  10. Deborah, what a delicious description of all of Pantone’s Fall colors and spectacular ways to use them. I have also been playing with their colors in my jewelry designs and am especially excited to start working with them! I think the combinations could be stunning and energizing.

  11. I like this autumn’s palette. I can hardly wait to see your ideas for incorporating it into ‘real people” wardorbes. You always do such a good job at bringing trends into reality for the over-40 group.

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