Can You Wear a Headband After 40?

Hi Deborah,

I am over forty and have recently considered wearing headbands and other hair accessories because my hair is so short.  A little history – I cut my relaxed hair off and decided to go natural and not chemically straighten my hair anymore.   However, this process is proving to be difficult because I am currently at an awkward growth stage and want to use some hair accessories.

I’ve heard women over 40 and should not wear headbands.  Mind you, I am not talking about huge hair accessories, just something to wear to get me through the current awkward stage.  What do you think? – Thanks, Heather Q.

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Lose The Little Girl Style

Yikes, It’s embarrassing…. mature women who are so addicted to”cute” that they don clothes and accessories that make them look like middle-aged moms playing little girl dress-up.

Now most of us love “cute” to some degree, but you really have to be careful after 40 that you don’t go overboard with what you consider cute, or that too much “cute”  begins to define your look. Clothes and accessories that are too junior will not make you look younger; they will make you look older than you are and rather silly.

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