7 Summer Trends that Emerged from Lockdown

Fashion is a reaction to what’s happening globally, so it’s no surprise that quarantine has sparked some interesting new trends.   Here are the top 7 trends for Spring and Summer 2021, according to Amazon Fashion.

1.   Pastels that Pop

As we move forward out of the pandemic, a new kind of optimistic dressing arises, and a big part of that has to do with color.  Warm, pretty pastels are emerging, but they are anything but wimpy. These power pastels pop! They are saturated pastels. Think Lemon, Banana, Apricot, or Strawberry. They’re being worn head-toe monochromatically or mixed with other solids or bold prints. We’re also seeing a lot of pastel tie-dye. You can’t help but smile wearing these colors. They give you hope.

2.  Volume

You’d have to be blind not to notice the big full shapes we see in fashion for spring and summer. Everything is bigger and more generous. We’ve been living in loose clothes, and we will not go back to tailored anytime soon.  Skinny jeans are being replaced by straight-leg and wide jeans. Women are embracing a wider, pumped-up voluminous silhouette, be it a flowy, tiered house dress, or a pair of pants with soft tailoring, or a looser tailored jacket.


3.  Romance

Date nights, parties, and looking pretty fell by the wayside during the lockdown. Everything was strict and serious, so there a real craving to return to a feeling of romance in our lives and the way we dress. So in on top of the soft, flowy silhouettes I just spoke about, we also see a lot of texture like lace, floral prints, and sweet pops of detail like big sleeves, smocked tops, and ruffles galore. Lockdown has turned us into Frill Seekers!

4.  Zoom Life Tops

We’ve been living a lot of our life from the waist up and will continue to do so because Zoom is staying put. This means that tops, jackets, and blouses are more important than ever. We’re seeing many stripy knits, beautiful shirts, tops with decoration on the shoulder, great prints, etc.  Join a Zoom call with confidence.

5.  Transition Pieces

Comfort is still important, and we are seeing a lot of elevated loungewear. Women are also investing wisely in transition pieces. These are utilitarian classics that feel safe. They can be worn now and later,  mixed with more fun, creative and feminine things as we head out of quarantine—for example, a pair of leather pants, a sleeveless blouse, a shirtdress, a classic tee. You can wear all these things today and in a year from now with more artsy statement pieces.

6.  Outdoor Life

As we start to emerge from our homes, we are looking for places to meet friends outside. Hiking, camping life is picking up. So is general exercise outdoors. As a result, the cottage clothing trend is big for summer. This includes a lot of sports clothes, shorts, jumpsuits, denim, etc.

7.  Jewelry

Amazon called this trend Dazzle in daylight. It’s partly because we are mainly seen from the waist up on zoom and also because women feel they deserve a treat, but jewelry sales are up.  Bling is big, like necklaces, earrings, and rings. So are hairbands and hairpieces. Anything that makes your face sparkle helps keep us looking fab in lockdown and beyond.


These are just a few of the trends that have emerged since lockdown. What others are you seeing?

Plus Size? – 3 Ways to Work Your Curves This Fall

Many of you who are plus size have been asking for some Autumn fashion looks. So, here’s a rundown of three of the top fall trends, and how to style them to flatter your curves.

Dark Floral blouse with black jeans | plus size fall outfit

Dramatic Dark Florals 

Florals for fall are more popular than ever, and when they are against a dark background like black or navy, they make a bold fashion statement. There are two ways to style a floral top like this.  You can pick a color from the florals such as red or dark green and find a pair of pants in that color to coordinate your look. It’ s a colorful option.

Or, you can match the dark background of the top with a pair of pants in the same color.  So for example, in this case, wear this black-based floral top with black jeans for an ultra slimming look. Keep your footwear the same dark color to create one continuous line that draws the eye up and down and makes you look taller and leaner. Then accent with a bag that is a pop of color from the florals. Continue reading “Plus Size? – 3 Ways to Work Your Curves This Fall”


How to Wear Winter Florals

Wearing floral prints in spring and summer feels natural and easy. But how do you wear them once the weather turns cold? The answer is Winter Florals  – dark, moody blooms with an edgy, modern vibe. Winter Florals are a beautiful way to add some print to your tried-and-true solids and bring a little color into an all-black wardrobe. Here’s how to wear them with flair!

Black and blue Floral Sheath Dress

Continue reading “How to Wear Winter Florals”


Fresh Flower Fashions From Fleurs de Ville

Spring is all about floral fashions, but I bet you’ve never seen floral dresses like these!

This week I was wandering through Mapleview Centre Shopping Mall, here in Burlington, when I came across this!

These fresh floral dresses ( yes they are all real flowers) were part of a special mannequin series that has been touring across Canada.

The series is called Fleurs De Ville. This is what happens when you combine fashion, design and fresh blooms.

Local florists were asked to come up with one of a kind designs for this floral fashion extravaganza, and boy, did they rise to the challenge!

You can see the meticulous detail in every gorgeous dress. So much imagination and thought was put into each creation. I felt I was at a Paris Haute Couture show!

There were so many different themes from Vintage style dresses……

….to Glamorous Red Carpet Hollywood type floral gowns….

…..Ballet Inspired….

…Mod, 60’s feel!

The colors were spectacular!….

And every type of floral you can imagine was used including moss, ferns and succulents.

This was one of my favorites. It reminded me of a Lady Gaga or Cher Costume…spectacular! Talk about inspiring.

Which is your favorite? I’d love to know.

Fashion bloggers over 40

40+ Fashion Bloggers Share Street Style Looks

These days you don’t have to look far to find fashion inspiration. Many 40+ women are turning to the blogosphere to share their fashion sense and inspirational style.

This week I’m featuring six fashion bloggers over 40, each with a distinct and unique street style. Take a look.

Plus size fashion bloggers over 40 - purple floral dress

Fabulous in Florals

Patti, who loves to blog about her favorite style finds at her blog Not Dead Yet Style, found this gem of a floral dress at Lands’ End and loved the feminine vibe.  It came with a self-belt, but Patti had some fun and swapped it out for this fun yellow scarf. She told me that she would have never worn an outfit like this 20 years ago, but today it makes her feel colorful and authentic.

Patti’s favorite style-words include flowy, soft, un-fussy, organic, and “feminine with an edge.” She is inspired by Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, and Donna Karan, and by the 40+ style bloggers, she follows. Her tip: “It’s never too late to have fun with fashion!”

Fashion influencers over 40 and black and white maxi

40+ Fashionistas Love the High-Low Maxi Trend

Rebecca has embraced the high low  trend this summer and looks fab in her ombré striped maxi dress.

She calls her everyday style classic and easy-going with touches of corporate chic. By day Rebecca is a certified public accountant, but she blogs in her spare time at Red Tag Chic Los Angeles.  Already in her late 40s, Rebecca says she’s not interested in competing with fashion-forward 20 to 30-something bloggers. She wants to help 40-somethings.



Fashion bloggers over 40 - Bold Florals and Lemon Yellow Shorts

Bold Florals and Lemon Yellow Shorts

Dixie is a NYC fashion blogger who wore this outfit to a rooftop party in Brooklyn. Don’t you love the vibrant yellow on her?

Although she doesn’t have a signature style, Dixie loves the thrill and excitement of putting various pieces together to create unique looks. She likes to wear what makes her happy. It can be over-sized shirts and tees, Converse sneakers or Louboutins. Anything goes.

Dixie defines style as a unique interpretation of your authentic self. You can see more of Dixie’s fabulous style on her Instagram @Dixie Beauty.

Best fashion bloggers over 40

Pretty in Peplum

Peplum tops, like maxi dresses, are popular at the moment. They’re a great way to dress up an outfit.

Canadian fashion blogger Carmen has fond memories of her mom’s gorgeous red peplum dress with black roses from the ’60s and longs to have a wardrobe full of peplum suit jackets with matching pencil skirts just like her mom had.  While in New York City recently, Carmen wore a peplum top with capri pants and strappy black sandals.

Carmen ( who is 61 !) loves peplum tops because they are feminine, great for all body types from slim to fuller figures and help create an hourglass figure. They also make her feel very feminine.

You can see more of Carmen’s lovely style at her blog, Fashionable Over 50.

Fashion blogs for moms over 40

The Go-To Outfit

Do you have a go-to outfit or a few staple wardrobe items that make up your go-to outfits?

Greetje sent me this photo of her go-to outfit, which is typically flats, jeans a comfortable top, and a scarf.

Greetje, a part-time blogger, says she loves to experiment with dressing and give inspiration to women over 40 who may be afraid of fashion. That’s why she named her blog, No Fear of Fashion.

Check out her blog!


fashion blogs for moms over 40 50 60

A Versatile Black Dress

A simple black dress is one of the best wardrobe investments you can make.

Over 40 fashionista Josephine likes the look of her long black dress because it’s simple and can be worn casually during the day (as shown in the picture) with a traditional Panama hat and sandals or dressed up for the evening with heels and jewelry.

This look is a favorite of Josephine’s and is perfect for both a lunch party on a hot summer’s day or with different accessories for a casual dinner. Josephine has even gone super casual by pairing this dress with flip-flops for a trip to the beach.

Josephine’s style is classic with a modern twist and can be seen in action on her blog Chic at Any Age. She prefers simplicity and builds her wardrobe around basic neutrals, usually in dark colors for trousers (to complement her pear-shaped figure) with tops in vibrant colors and patterns.

Some of her favorite accessories include scarves, hats, and jewelry as these are simple and stylish ways to create a variety of looks. She always invests in good quality basics and adds seasonal trends in less expensive items.