5 Tips for Dressing Your Hourglass Figure

dresses for hourglass figureIf you are an hourglass, you are curvy. Va Va Voom! Think Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Vergara or Salma Hayek.

Your bust and hips measure about the same, and you have a much smaller defined waistline (usually about 10” between your waist and bust/hips). Your calves are shapely.

When you gain weight, you gain it evenly throughout your shape. The dressing goal if you are an hourglass to play up your voluptuous figure, but still be proportioned.


Fitted dresses will accentuate your curves, show off your waist and play up your very feminine figure. A wrap dress is perfect because it is stretchy and follows the curvy lines of your body.

Dresses need to be fitted, not loose and flowing. Wearing a belt shows off your tiny waist is a great way to dress over 40 when you have an hourglass shape. Continue reading “5 Tips for Dressing Your Hourglass Figure”