One Shoulder Cocktail Dresses for the Holidays

At Christmas, the stores are overflowing with holiday dresses, and deciding on the perfect one can be almost overwhelming. So, here’s a  suggestion. If you are looking for a dress that is festive, elegant, and a little bit sexy, then a one-shoulder cocktail dress may well be your answer.

Here’s a look a three that are trending right now, with tips on how to wear them.One Shoulder Dress



Sleek and Modern One Shoulder Cocktail Dress

This gorgeous brick-colored dress with its folded asymmetrical neckline is crisp and contemporary.  The one-shoulder style highlights your shoulders, so it’s most flattering for women with average to broad shoulders.

Style Tip – Wear the Right Bra: Be sure to wear a well-supporting strapless or convertible bra with a dress like this to make the most of the fabulous neckline. Continue reading “One Shoulder Cocktail Dresses for the Holidays”


How To Wear A Bold Shoulder After 40

  • Do you ever wish those big-shouldered outfits we wore in the ’80s were back in style? All that padding was great for giving you an hourglass shape, and boy did broad shoulders make you look powerful!

draped necklineIf you have small shoulders and would love them to look broader, then here are 5 ways to get the bold shoulder look without having to go back to Dynasty days.

1. Draping

Strategically draped fabric creates shoulder emphasis.

Continue reading “How To Wear A Bold Shoulder After 40”


Should I Bare My Saggy Arms in a One Shoulder Dress?

Hi Deborah ,

I’m going to a wedding. Is a black one shoulder dress appropriate for a 50+ woman?  I  don’t know if I should buy yet another item I might look ridiculous wearing. 

I know, I know, we should embrace our bodies, but I don’t enjoy looking at my bulges, cellulite and crepey arm skin. I’ve seen the crepe even on the skinniest and fit older arms. If you can  bare arms and not feel bad about it- more power to you, but I’m afraid to go there. My friend’s daughter calls the extra weight on the arms–Puddin Bags- as if the problem isn’t bad enough.

Thanks for any help, Anne.

one shoulder dresses

Hi Anne,

one shoulder top or dress   is a great choice for a wedding or special event.  I think a lot of women worry too much about their arms. Naturally your arms aren’t going to be as buff as they used to be after a certain age, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide them. The one shoulder is a great way to bare some skin and look sexy, while still remaining elegant. Continue reading “Should I Bare My Saggy Arms in a One Shoulder Dress?”