What Shoes to Wear with Cropped Pants?

Probably the main reason we are seeing so many cropped pants is because there are so many fab shoes out there and long pants don’t show them off. Still can be confusing to know what pair looks best with what pant. So here are some ideas

So you’ve found a pair of cropped pants that suit you. Now for the shoes..

Example Pant Suggested shoe
If you do have a wide legged cropped pant at home, make sure that you are not trying to dress it up too much. These heels look a bit too fancy with that fine heel. Something clunkier would work better or these flats with studs on them.(Nordstroms)
These basic black capri can be a great staple. Worn with a simple black flat(think Audrey Hepburn) or if it is hot a cool flip flop. These pumps look a little too dressy for this pant.(Nordstoms)
Because the cuffs can really cut your leg in half, a better shoe choice would be a wedge. This one has the perfect height and feel for this casual pant. (Nordstoms)
This white sandal just makes this outfit look drab. One with a dash of color can take your all white column and add some pizazz! (Nordstroms)

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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I have a love-hate relationship with capris. I’m tall and for a while there all my pants were “capri” not because they were made that way but because no one was making pants that were long enough for me!

    Thankfully that’s changed. I’ve even had to shorten the odd pair of pants.

    I do agree that they are great for summer, particularly since I’ve reached a stage (weight) in my life when I don’t want as much of my legs in public view as shorts reveals.

  2. Thanks for printing this. I’ve always had a hard time knowing which shoes to wear with Capris. But I figure the style has been around a while and will probably die out soon, so I won’t have to worry.

    • Hi JF,
      We think the capri is going to stay around for a while. The reason is that it covers more than a short but is still cooler than a pant. You should go ahead and try a pair, but you have to get the right shoe or don’t bother! Capri’s can make us look old pretty fast if we don’t have the right style and shoes!

  3. Hi Debra,
    Yes, trying to pull of wearing capri pants is a tough one, because we all have different issues!!! You are right in wanting to lengthen the leg with a wedge. The most important part is getting the right style shoe to keep with the theme of the pant. For instance, if the pants are casual, you want a more casual shoe. Don’t try to dress up a capri with a pump (see post below) it does not look too hot! Also the heavier the fabric and style of the pant you will want a clunkier shoe to go with it!

    If you ever have a question, feel free to send me a photo and I can help guide you! (at: [email protected])

    Cheers, Deborah

  4. Debra Warrington says:

    I have short, muscular legs and have a very difficult time finding the right length capri pant. If they hit the calf in the wrong spot, my legs look huge. I find that I need to wear some sort of heel with most capri pants, whether they be a wedge or platform sandal(casual). They help to lengthen the lower portion of my leg that already looks chopped up by the capri pant. If I wear a flat, it needs to have a little bit of wedge or heel and a V shape to show as much foot as possible and lengthen the leg that way.
    Sign me-
    Big legged woman