Can’t Wear Heels? Try Flatforms

I’ve had so many of you email me to say you can’t wear heels anymore. You need something more comfortable, but you also still want a bit of height. This spring, flatforms may be your answer.


What are Flatforms

Flatforms are flat sandals on a thick, raised platform soles.  They have no, or very little incline in comparison to a wedge or heel, so they are easier to wear if you have foot problems. With fashion putting more of an emphasis on wearability and ease this season, flatforms are poised to be Spring’s it shoe.  You get the comfort and the chic factor all in one.

Would You Wear Flatforms?

You probably wore flatforms when you were a teenager. (I remember covering mine in decoupaged photos from fashion magazines), but the question is, would you wear flatforms now? Do you like the look of them or do you find them too trendy?

I can see how they may take a little getting used to. These I’m showing (above) are very tame, but some are so flat, heavy and clunky it looks like you’ve strapped on a couple big bricks.

What to wear with black flatform shoes - maxi dress
What to wear with black flatform shoes – maxi dress


Flatforms and a Maxi Dress

Flatforms look especially great with a  boho-inspired look such as a long flowing maxi dress, or the new wide leg pants, or even culottes. You can wear them with shorts, sporty dress or jeans, but remember that with skinny jeans they can make you feet look heavy and weighed down, even Frankenstein-like.

Some foot experts criticize flatforms saying the height, plus the inflexibility will make you fall or twist your ankle. O.K., sure, who hasn’t fallen off their shoes before? But if you like them, I’d say give them a go.

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9 thoughts on “Can’t Wear Heels? Try Flatforms

  1. Hi Debbie I already wear platforms to make me look taller and I find them easy to wear. I do love the design and colour of the maxi dress though so can you please tell me where I can purchase one similar to this. Being only 5 ft I think it would suit me.

    Thanks for all your wonderful and helpful articles.

    1. Hi Debbie, I agree. If you aren’t sure don’t rush in. There are lots of other choices I will be writing about shortly. I always say if you only like something and you go and buy it, you are going to hate it in a month. You have to really love everything in your closet. Cheers, Deborah

  2. Finally, something I may be able to wear! Yes, I wore them ages ago, but I would wear them now, too, if they went with some of my outfits (and were a reasonable price). I would wear ones with a strap and some sort of toe covering (my toes have gotten skinnier and uglier as I’ve aged). In the photos above, probably #3 and #6. I also wear flats, but they don’t always look right with everything, and I am short!

  3. I love the look of a platform, but I am past the age of being able to wear them and feel safe. When I purchase a shoe of any kind, I make sure it is very flexible and my foot is secured in with a strap or lace. I can wear ballet flats and pumps without a strap.

  4. Personally I am not a fan of this clunky look. Yes, I too wore them in the seventies when they were mostly covered by my wildly flared jeans. Clunky looked ok when I was slim as a rake, but these days, although I’m reasonably slim, I don’t believe they are flattering to one’s overall look. Sorry, but I won’t be purchasing a pair of these!

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