3 Chic Ways to Style Cropped Pants

I wrote about wide leg cropped pants recently, which can be hard to wear, but here’s a better option. Here are three cute looks for slim cropped pants.

white floral cropped pants


If you like a pretty lady-like look with a modern edge, then try pairing floral cropped pants with a moody floral top. Here’s a similar look with dark floral pants 

Look # 2 – MODERN CHIC

A lot of us feel we’re done with shorts unless we’re puttering out in the backyard or up at the cottage. That’s why cropped pants are so great. You get the coverage you need, but you still feel summery and cute because of that sexy bit of exposed leg. Now this, you can wear to the mall and feel totally relaxed but classy.

pink cropped pants gray sweater



Pastel colors are everywhere this spring. Pair them with gray, blush and tan for a classy, casual look. Want to see other outfits? Check out how these 40+ bloggers wear their cropped pants.


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9 thoughts on “3 Chic Ways to Style Cropped Pants

  1. If I am going to wear crops, I want them slimmer, but I also want them shorter. After all, that is the reason they are “crops”. This length shown here? Back in our day, we called them “flooders”, and not with love or appreciation.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the type of tops to pair with capris. I am only 5.4, and generally wear a more fitted top; however, the tops you’ve shown may not make my hips look so big. LOL!

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with capris. I’m tall and for a while there all my pants were “capri” not because they were made that way but because no one was making pants that were long enough for me!

    Thankfully that’s changed. I’ve even had to shorten the odd pair of pants.

    I do agree that they are great for summer, particularly since I’ve reached a stage (weight) in my life when I don’t want as much of my legs in public view as shorts reveals.

  4. Thanks for printing this. I’ve always had a hard time knowing which shoes to wear with cropped pants. But I figure the style has been around a while and will probably die out soon, so I won’t have to worry.

  5. Hi Debra,
    Yes, you are right to stay away from cropped pants that end at the middle of your wide calf. A longer pant that ends just above the ankle sounds like it would work much better. As for shoes, keep your shoes the same color as your pant or wear a nude shoe to elongate your legs.

    Cheers, Deborah

  6. I have short, muscular legs and have a very difficult time finding the right length cropped pant. If they hit the calf in the wrong spot, my legs look huge. I find that I need to wear some sort of heel with most capri pants, whether they be a wedge or platform sandal(casual). They help to lengthen the lower portion of my leg that already looks chopped up by the capri pant. If I wear a flat, it needs to have a little bit of wedge or heel and a V shape to show as much foot as possible and lengthen the leg that way.
    Sign me-
    Big legged woman

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