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Are skinny jeans still in? Have boyfriend jeans been replaced? What’s the coolest denim this spring? If these questions leave you scratching your head, then it’s probably time to update your jeans.

Here’s a look at the latest jean trends for spring and some popular styles that are holding their own + ideas for what to wear with them.


Latest girlfriend jeans trends 2015


Skinny, tapered jeans that end at the ankle or just above it have been #1 for a long time and for the most part, I’ve loved them. The problem has been trying to find a pair that comes anywhere close to my belly button.

Most of the time skinny jeans are so low-rise that my tummy is spilling over the waistband, and my backside is hanging out because they keep slipping down. There’s no way to disguise a muffin top, and I’m sick of constantly tugging up my pants!

The fantastic news is that this spring the latest crop of skinny jeans are midrise and high-rise. In fact, low-rise skinnies are out. Hallelujah! The skinny jean trend is strong,  but instead of skinny jeans being fashion forward, they are now considered a good, basic staple. Here are three new ways to wear skinny jeans for spring.

Flared jeans have moved into the #1 spot. More about this exciting trend in a minute but first let’s look at another very hot jean that is also changing.

Latest jean trends for 2015


Bruce Jenner isn’t the only one undergoing gender reassignment these days.  The Boyfriend Jean is morphing into the Girlfriend Jean this spring. What am I talking about?

Slightly slouchy, slightly worn Boyfriend Jeans are a relaxed and youthful look that has been a huge hit with women of all ages. Now they’re poised to become even more popular because of a slight tweak. The new girlfriend jeans have a higher waist and a slightly slimmer fit. They are more form-fitting and look sleeker. No baggy legs.

With both boyfriend and girlfriend jeans, you need to roll up the bottoms and show off some ankle in a cute bootie or high pump. Top off your jeans with a cute fitted top jacket or sweater. Add a quality bag and accessories and you have one chic jean look!


It feels like déjà vu with 70’s inspired flared leg jeans becoming very popular. Mid and high-rise jeans with shorter tops and classic pieces give what we used to call bell bottoms a new feel. Check out this full report on how to wear the Flared Jean Trend for Spring.



I can’t talk about jeans without mentioning the dark wash Bootcut Jean. It is a classic that women can’t get enough of.  The inky blue shade is slimming and classy; the bootcut gives just enough flare to balance out a wider hip. This is one jean that has stood the test of time and will be around for many years to come. If it works, don’t change it.


For women who can’t get enough bling, glamorous bejewelled jeans are on the radar. Check out this post that shows you sparkly, studded and embellished jeans on the runways this season.


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20 thoughts on “Jean Trends

  1. Thank You easy to navigate site with outfits and the price shows when you scan the outfit , it is a great to help plan outfits

  2. Love the new high waisted flares. So tired of pants falling down and buying jeans too tight to try to keep them up.
    I am tall and not really overweight, so why should it be so difficult?

    Once i got those flares on, it made me realize that all my pants would feel better with a high waist, so i am making the switch.

  3. SO happy higher rise jeans are “in style” again!
    For some reason clothing is always designed for teens and 20 somethings – not to mention for long-legged, really thin models.
    COmpanies really should be devoting more of their clothing to the over 40 crowd (or even over 50 crowd) – aren’t there more of us and don’t we have more money?

    1. This is absolutely true. I think that some of these companies are starting to catch on that Gen-X women and Boomer women have more cash and really enjoy fashion, so they are starting to focus more on us! Thank goodness, too.

  4. I am an hourglass, with generous hips and thighs and I live in skinny jeans. I’m 5’3″ a size 8 and I have to say that I look smaller in skinny jeans than I do in boot cuts or flares, which make my legs look like tree trunks. I usually do wear either tunics that hit just below my hips or a shorter top layered with an open cardigan. It took a while for me to come around to straighter legs again, surprising as my 70s childhood left me traumatized by flares. LOL.

  5. I generally find the longer the leg, and the darker the wash, the more flattering the style. So I wear deep, deep dark wash bootcuts, as long as I can wear them (floor skimming) and they look terrific. Especially paired with some heeled boots (sorry to the flat shoe fans, but heels look soooo much better!)

    I think anyone who has ever had a baby will be glad that the higher rise is coming back! Do as much work at the gym as I can, I can’t shift that “little extra” my kids endowed on me! (Thanks, swwethearts!) And most of my friends are the same.

  6. Okay, that makes perfect sense now. The truth is they are my high school jeans and they feel great because I can still fit into them. I paired them with a white embroidered blouse and bohemian was the right name for it. I promise I’ll put them away when I turn 50.

    1. If you really like that worn out jean look go with a simple shiny silk top. We think the crinkle top is something to be put away for now.
      It’s just my opinion, but I don’t recommend the “holey” jean look for women over 40 and it’s especially not great on women over 50 and beyond. I like to leave it to the teenagers to pull off that trend, even if you are a bohemian soul!
      If you want to go fancy wearing a dressy top with jeans, I prefer the top with a pair of either tight pencil legged jeans (no holes!) and high heels or a dark wash jean.

  7. I wore my white jeans just today (in Dallas TX) and felt very chic. Also our local tailor does an “original hem” similar to the one described by the first reader. They don’t cut off the hem, they do an invisible fold so the jean is never cut. It costs $10.

  8. Hi Dina,
    Yes, getting those jeans altered is one of the BEST tips ever!
    As for your question….
    I know “Not Your Daughters Jeans”, and do like them. Depending on the style they can fit those with an “apple” or “pear” body types nicely. They are definitely cut with a higher rise.

    Another good jean is the Kenneth Cole line!

  9. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for your tips! They are good ones!

    However, I know most of you out there already have light colored jeans…I’m trying to suggest how to move your jean collection to look more classy and updated.

  10. Okay Girls, I like dark jeans too, but light jeans that are not acid washed, that are long and have a modern cut, with unembellished pockets will work just FINE and give us an alternative to the “dressy” jean. If you wear light jeans here’s some guidance:

  11. Hi Andrea,
    Yes a boot cut jean is a great choice and is still in style. The one we show here is a good one too and can be found at Nordtroms.
    FYI…The higher rise ones tend to look best when they have a wider leg.

  12. I love the new dark wash and black jeans. They easily go from a day look to evening out. Best secret I ever learned about jean, and clothes in general, is: find a great tailor! My guy can make anything look better on me; it’s worth the prices, especially since good clothes can be so expensive. Right now, I’m loving my Kenneth Cole wide leg jeans. I look at least 5’4 in them!

    What do people think of those ‘Not Your Daughter Jeans’? The jeans may be great, but I hate that name.

    Great article once again!

  13. High rise jeans are coming back! Yea! I hate to wear low cut undies so this makes my day!

    What about jeans that are wider at the bottom? (like in the photo) Are they staying in fashion? I have a pair that are still in good shape. Should I get a pair of boot cut ones too?

  14. Here is a recent comment from a reader:
    Because I’m 5 foot nothing, I found that my best jeans strategy is to wear them with high heels and have them hemmed about a half inch above the ground. I always have a European hem done at the tailor if the jeans need to be shortened. They take the original hem and re-attach it at the new length. Though it costs more, it looks much better as the hem retains the same wear pattern. When the fabric is just cut and turned under, it looks like it was done at home. This is fine for jeans that won’t see the public eye, but if you are spending any kind of $$$, it’s best to go all the way. Dark jeans look great, but so do sparkling white jeans (when appropriate for the season or climate, of course). There is something so fresh and clean about them, and they seem to bridge that gap between casual and dressy, especially when worn with a nice jacket and heels.

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