Here’s the Latest in Colorblock Sweaters

I’m a big fan of adding color to perk up my wardrobe during the long, dreary winter, which is why I love color-block sweaters. Over the holidays, you usually see colorblock sweaters in a mix of deep, rich, traditional colors like burgundy, black, white, camel, red and green. This year, it’s all about the brightest of brights!

Colorblock sweater | Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40
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My  bold, new colorblock sweater in hot pink and orange is an exciting change from the classic winter shades!

Bright Colorblock sweaters | Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

Brights have been very popular this fall; this pink in particular. Remember the hot pink blouse I wore a few weeks back?

Bold Colorblock Sweater l Deborah Boland l Fabulous After 40

In fact, orange and pink are really trending at the moment. (Last Christmas  red and pink were trending).  I think this cheery combo makes such a modern statement!  As you can see, the sweater is half one color and half the other, with the colorblock effect on the back side too.

Orange and Pink Colorblock Sweater l Deborah Boland l Fabulous After 40

It looks vibrant and alive, and it feels really luxurious too.

Pink and Orange Colorblock sweater l Deborah Boland l Fabulous After 40


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19 thoughts on “Here’s the Latest in Colorblock Sweaters

  1. Oh wow, what a fun post! That robe is fabulous! Congratulations! And the square neck top and colorblock sweater are beautiful! Plus your dog, Bella, is an adorable addition! Thanks and Merriest of Christmases!

    1. I’m 73, but since joining your blog I’ve been able to find looks that suit my personal taste,just because you’ve reached a certain age doesn’t mean you’ve got to dress old.You’re only as old as you feel.Thanks ,keep the ideas coming!!!

  2. The sweater looks fantastic on you Deb! My challenge is sweaters make me look chunky because of my heavier top- any suggestions on slimming sweater-wearing?



    1. Hi Bridget, I’d say stay away from sweaters with high neckline such as a crew neckline and go for a scoop or v-neck and don’t choose sweaters that are super chunky or they will add to your heaviness up top. Also a darker sweater up top will be more slimming than a bright or light colored sweater. Hope that helps. Cheers, Deborah

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