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When you see a stylish woman walk down the street, do you wonder how she manages to look so fabulous? It’s easy- She understands her Style Personality!

What’s YOUR Style Personality?

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Take the quiz to uncover your inner fashionista and kick your style into high gear!



What is Style Personality?

Your Style Personality is the way you express the true you -your personality and character via the way you dress. Real style comes from knowing who you are on the inside ( your inner essence) and being able to reflect that on the outside through the clothes you choose to wear.

For example, you know when you put something on and it feels like it is really you? That’s when you know you are dressing authentically for your style and personality. There are 7 main style personalities.  Some of us are more traditional; some of us are dramatic. Others are natural, creative, or even sexy types.

You are usually a combination of at least two. This quiz will reveal your core style and personality.

Take the Quiz 

Choose only one answer for each question. Your style and personality are multi-dimensional so please don’t get stressed out trying to respond. Simply choose the response that feels most like you to determine your core style personality.  You will receive your full-style personality report in your inbox at the end of the quiz.




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