Discover Your Style Personality! Free Quiz

When you see a stylish woman walk down the street, do you wonder how she manages to look so darn good?

It’s easy- She understands her Style Personality!

Real style comes from knowing who you are on the inside ( your inner essence) and being able to reflect that on the outside through the clothes you choose to wear.  Half the battle of knowing how to dress is being able to identify your unique style personality.


For example, some of us are more traditional; some of us are dramatic. Others are natural, creative, or even sexy types.

Do you know YOUR Style Personality?

To find out, take this

FUN and FREE  Style Personality Quiz

This online quiz a cool new tool from the My Private Stylist, a company I’m or which I’m an affiliate. I know you’ll love what you discover!

Take the style personality quiz!  Once you complete it you can submit your email address and My Private Stylist will do a further detailed free style analysis which will tell you the:

  • styles that fall into your style personality
  • accessories that reflect your unique self
  • the psychological impression your style has on others
  • hair and make-up that complements your style
  • typical occupations of women with this style
  • celebrities that share your style

It’ is so much fun and you can take it as many times as you like.  Let me know which style of personality you are by commenting below. I’m dying to hear!

Take the Style Personality Quiz

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8 thoughts on “Discover Your Style Personality! Free Quiz

  1. I got “Eclectic Control” which is a blend of the Creative and Classic styles which is completely spot on for me! Most of the time I wear pretty conservative clothes (especially in work settings) but I do like to experiment with different clothing styles when I’m feeling confident and when I’m in more social settings. Really nice quiz, great job! :)